ITEM! Citizen Journalist Steve Garfield, who was featured in TIME Magazine long before those other guys, has put my smiling drunken face on his new blog banner. I told Steve, if Vloggercon had been in Massachusetts we'd probably be married. And we might both be married to Rocketvixen Amanda Congdon. That road leads to a moral black hole, a world where SpongeBob locks us in his S&M dungeon and throws away the key. And Democrats rule the world! Mwahahahaha!

ITEM! Starfire joined the videoblogging group. My worlds collide and explode. Hollis rulez.

ITEM! I ended up on 89.3 yesterday flapping my yapper about blogs and videoblogs [MP3s]. I'm told they also played some of me praising Fimoculous Rex, but you'll just have to use your imagination for that one. Garrick van Buren's First Crack podcast talks about The Current.

Here's a BBC News article on the 2005 Bloggies. I'll have to post my interview with Bloggies creator Nikolai Nolan and footage from last year's awards.

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Hey Chuck,
Thanks for the link to my blog!

It used to get 1,000's of hits per day when it's tagline was Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links. MOstly from Google.

Now I'm getting around 300/day, which I'm not complaining about. I think a lot of my traffic has moved from directly reading the page over to using blog readers like Bloglines.

So I hope your readers come over to the blog and enjoy it. There's over four years of archives there too.

And once they get there they can always follow my links over to my video blog for lots of fun!

Thanks again,

Posted by: Steve Garfield at Jan 29, 2005 5:19:22 AM