Ev and Noah pretend to talk

Check out Odeo, formally debuting today at the TED Conference (Technology, Education, Design). As this New York Times article explains, Odeo is a new startup from the mind of SanFran cutie-nerds Evan Williams (Blogger cofounder) and Noah Glass (Audioblogging.com founder). Is there money to be made from podcasting? If there is, these two guys will find it. I wish them wild success.

Also at the TED conference are some of my favorite vlog people in the universe: Jay Dedman, Ryan Hodson and Joshua Kinberg. They're conducting a videoblogging clinic and posting vids on the TED Blog.

More poddy/vloggy links:

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  • Plenty more at podcastingnews.com

    I have video of Noah and Ev at Bruce Sterling's party last year at SXSW. Noah is pretty drunk, and he takes me around and pontificates lucidly on how all these wonderful geeks are friends and the world is full of opportunity and connections, and the future is bright. At one point he pulls Evan out of a conversation and says "Take this guy..." and Ev is confused, because he thought Noah was saying he was gay. Anyway, it's all very amusing and I can't find it.

    Instead, here's a short clip of Cory Doctorow with laryngitis [1.5 MB].

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