Better than being on TV: Ourmedia.org

Thanks to JD Lasica, one of my favorite thinkers and explorers of the evolving new mediascape, my video "Welcome to the Future" (backstory) is featured on the Ourmedia.org home page.

OMG! I just got this note from JD:

On 4/23/05, Lawrence Lessig wrote: very cool, jd.

I can die happy now. Prof. Lessig may have seen my previous copyright video, wherein Starbucks tried to kick me out while interviewing Anil Dash, after initially agreeing to let me film. This happened exactly two years ago. They threatened to call the police while I was hiding in the bathroom, but a Sopranos actress tawked them out of it. Video here [Quicktime, 5 MB]

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I was rather happy to read this translation from

This video published on OurMedia, entitled "Welcome to the future" and realized by Chuck Olsen, is one of most admirable than it was given to me to see, for a very long time (and I weigh my words).

On the form, it expresses well how the conjugation of several tools can lead to a new form of writing.

On the bottom, all is there: interest of the blogs like powerful vector of opinion (and spirit criticizes), of individual with individual; the passion and emotion of the division; power of the video tool, reinforced by omnipresent camera-video-phons; the incredible silly thing of holding of "the old system", always refusing to include/understand the interest and the range of what is train occurring (P2P and other)... All, therefore. In three minutes and 22 seconds.

Difficult to make more relevant. Impossible to make percussion (*).

To see, re-examine, show - and to include/understand.
(Via Darknet)

(having passed not badly of time these last days to write lengthily on the subject, it is also a good snap; it is sure, the words do not make the weight in front of the shock of the images:)

Posted by: Chuck at Apr 28, 2005 6:11:03 AM