Chuck_domeIn case you didn't notice, my last several days have been spent with the one-and-only Steve Garfield. Thanks to him (and the newly-engaged Eli Chapman) I was able to fly out to Boston, breakfast with some cool vloggers, present videoblogging to the filmmakers at Woods Hole Film Festival in lovely Cape Cod, and screen Blogumentary at Harvard.

What a crazy trip. Thanks Steve for connecting the dots and hosting my stay. You're the best.

The Harvard screening went swimmingly. I finally met Rebecca Mckinnon, Lisa Williams, and Dan Bricklin among other fine folks. Dan Bricklin, by the way, co-invented the VisiCalc spreadsheet program, which transformed the Apple ][ into a serious business machine, and may well be partly responsible for all those lovely Macs and iThings we have today. He actually asked me to autograph his Blogumentary DVD. If only I had our old VisiCalc for him to sign.

The best part, other than everyone bursting out laughing when I call Dave Weinberger "my own personal Yoda," was the
Q&A session superbly led by Lisa Williams. Obviously, this is a smart and scintillating group of folks, and it was really satisfying to chat about all things blog, vlog, and film. They were curious about how much time and $$$ I spent making the documentary... I really don't know, but $20k might cover it. Time? I don't even want to know that number. But it's really paid off on a deeper level, thanks to screenings like this one.

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Missed it sorry I am. Well it went hear I. Force with you be may.

Posted by: David Weinberger at Aug 4, 2005 4:09:35 PM

Chuck, sorry I coouldn't make it to the screening. I had a student to teach that night. I tried to convince him that the future of the media was more important than SAT-level math, but he didn't bite. Damn kids today...

Posted by: Carl Weaver at Aug 5, 2005 10:38:17 PM