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DigitalthinkFrom the mind of Nora Paul: The Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota and The Media Center has launched Digital Think, a collection of essays written by 22 digital media designers, editors, artists and producers who come from various backgrounds including journalism, art, gaming, academia, activism, and design. "These are their thought and ideas on conceptualizing digital content, what makes digital storytelling different from legacy media, how new tools for crafting stories are changing content forms, or what still needs to happen to fully realize the development of this fourth medium."

Oh yeah, I'm featured in it. Yes. (Also available in rare print version.)

November 30, 2005 at 11:19 AM in Media, Web/Tech | Permalink


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Since you have an inside reach, do you think you could score me a copy of the book? ;)

Posted by: Paul at Dec 5, 2005 6:49:45 PM