Check out my new video camera! It's so tiny, and so high-def baby. And it was pretty cheap on the eBay. It's not my dream camera, but it'll serve me well for lots of things right now, including Minnesota Stories. My man on the west coast Eric Rice is picking one up and wanted to see some footage. Unfortunately I screwed up the compression, and there's some blue screen noise, but this will have to do. For some reason it's really difficult to find sample HC1 footage - I hope to have plenty more.

I thought I'd do a little test run of Vlog Santa, who will be making his debut this Friday on MN Stories. This is more like Gay Santa - a work in progress, obviously. Plus a little bonus high-def acne footage at the end - eww!

Sony HC1 test footage [11 MB, requires Quicktime 7]

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Actually, a little secret... I'm picking up the little HD cam for personal use and non-invasive use in places I'd prolly be hassled with a bigger camera. The real camera I'm getting is the Sony Z1U.... shhhhhh. (I don't think we're supposed to compete with the media.. heh)

Posted by: Eric Rice at Dec 1, 2005 1:53:20 AM

Man, you can really see every pore! I almost wanted to reach out and pop that bad boy myself! Key word here is "almost".

Seems as if Santa lost a great deal of weight and adopted a new lifestyle. I have a really nice single friend named Richard who has a thing for beards. Perhaps he and Pierre Claus sould get together for some cocktails after the holiday rush?

Posted by: missb at Dec 1, 2005 6:52:13 AM

Man, I can't wait to watch this with a TIVO on my 13" b/w RCA. I promise to archive all of your future footage on to some VHS tapes I found under my LUV SeAt.

Posted by: jess at Dec 1, 2005 9:40:15 PM

Chuck, you don't even know me, but you make me laugh. Thank you.

Posted by: TamaraP at Dec 1, 2005 9:42:35 PM

why, why thank you. i mean you're welcome.

(TIVO luv seat? hott.)

Posted by: chuck o. at Dec 2, 2005 2:02:08 AM

The Honeys in HD. Merry Sweetness (should that be said with a lisp?)!

Posted by: Tim at Dec 2, 2005 3:26:56 PM

My next documentary's to be shot on a Z1U. Go team.

Posted by: Jason Scott at Dec 5, 2005 6:40:25 PM

We need to talk about Chroma stuff, as we're ready to put up a green screen in the loft.

Posted by: Paul at Dec 5, 2005 6:51:18 PM

Also, for the love of Ghod, Chuck... deinterlace!

Posted by: Jason Scott at Dec 5, 2005 6:59:11 PM

i've been thinking interlacing is the problem!

(paul...got your msg...let's chat)

Posted by: chuck o. at Dec 6, 2005 1:28:03 AM

I'm curious as to what kind of a difference you see pulling video you recorded onto tape versus pulling video live from the camera onto the computer. HD video on DV tape is highly compressed since DV tape is still 25 Megabits per second which means that HD signal needs to be compressed a lot more than a standard DV stream to fit on the tape. Maybe the compression algorithm is really good. Just curious as I'll probably be getting an HD cam in the next few months.

Posted by: Brian at Dec 9, 2005 3:37:21 PM