Vlogmeister Carl Weaver has started a new MNstories-inspired local videoblog: Worcester Diaries. Looks like he's got a strong arts focus - hooray for that. I'll never understand why it's pronounced "Woosta."

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i love his sarcastic "the paris of central massachusetts" subtitle. or is that him being cooly ironic? either way, worcester (wistah!) is a pit. in my humble, snarky opinion.

Posted by: honey bunny at Jan 16, 2006 5:00:40 PM

Well, there isn't much in Central MA, so Worcester is the Paris of the area more or less by default. The thing about Worcester is that there's a lot of cool stuff here, but you don't see it just driving down the road the way you might in providence, Boston, NYC or even Minneapolis. You have to go looking for the cool stuff. That makes it look like this is a craphole town, but if you live here you start to see it. it's like going to a desert and assuming there is no life because it seems so barren. After a little while you start to see lots of living things.

Then you sit on a cactus, get bit by a rattler snake and get torn apart by buzzards. Okay, this probably wasn't the best comparison...

Chuck - thanks for the plug!

Posted by: Carl Weaver at Jan 20, 2006 8:03:00 AM