Holy crap, this is hilarious. A bunch of merry pranksters dressed up in blue shirts and descended upon an unsuspecting Best Buy store. They never claimed to be employees, and (kinda) tried to answer questions if customers asked them questions. Managers and security guards freaked out, some thinking they were a cult, and called the police:

Best Buy: Agent Shafer on Vimeo

As y'all probably know, I've twice been in situations where a place of business thought it was illegal for me to film in their establishment: The Fine Line and Starbucks. What's scary is some police officers don't even know the law. All a business can do is ask you to leave if you're taking photos or video. You're not breaking any laws, unless you refuse to leave, in which case you're trespassing.

Also? Sure love the new Mac commercials featuring the Daily Show's John Hodgeman.

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I sure hope Apple can stay ahead of the viruses.

Posted by: starfire at May 2, 2006 8:00:05 AM

I wonder why (the director asked?) John Hodgeman to doff his Chuck-like glasses and wear, instead, wire-rims for the commercials.

Posted by: Great Stone Face at May 4, 2006 2:37:54 PM