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So I'm upoading Mooki's videos to some new services that let content creators earn a little money when people watch the videos. One is Revver. Here's the classic, "Mooki's Kleenex Box".

The other is Lulu.tv - here's Mooki on Lulu.

I'm going to try embedding certain Minnesota Stories videos through these sites, too. Only the videos I produce, until I work out some kind of revennue-share with contributors (when that becomes viable). I'm still pursuing local business advertisers, which is my preference, but these new video revenue sites are definitely worth a try.

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Whatever takes a little pressure off of MNStory production man; I'll still watch.

Posted by: Dan at Aug 1, 2006 6:57:32 AM

This helped me; perhaps it will help you:


Posted by: Crystal at Aug 8, 2006 12:23:16 AM