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Thank you friends


The Blogumentary screening was a raging success last night. As I said at the screening, I was happy to see each and every one of you, faces familiar and new. Thanks also to Ray Privett at the Pioneer Theater for putting this whole series together, and to Andrew for letting me crash at his place and promoting the screening on Rocketboom. Ray said the links from RB and Amanda probably helped get a bunch of last-minute tickets sold. Yay! Tickets = people.

Oh, how I love my New York City, and how I love my friends. And I still love my scrappy little ragtag film. So strange to see it getting renewed attention and interest, from old and new media.

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I wish I could have made the screening. I read about it on Amanda's blog.

I'm about three hours away in southeast CT, so it was a bit of a drive after work yesterday. Was there a good after-party?
How about some video of the meeting/party?


Posted by: joe c at Aug 31, 2006 7:50:07 PM

There you have it! My lame little blog *almost* got you like one ticket! I wield such influence!

I'm so glad I got a copy of Blogumentary, btw. I have a date to watch it with my fam over labor day weekend. Maybe afterwards they will fully understand what the hell I am doing with my life. It's a step in the right direction at least...

xx to lorika!

Posted by: Amanda at Aug 31, 2006 10:27:05 PM

i hope everyone gets to see it, and i wish i could have seen it in new york.

Posted by: milk and cake at Aug 31, 2006 11:08:10 PM

joe c: workin' on it! i'm posting a few photos. randy wicker will probably beat me to posting footage.

amanda: dude, you're swinging some serious traffic. i wish i had the "crash course" version of Blogumentary ready for your parents. :-)

milkstress: you were like 15% of the audience for that little Seattle screening. that's when i first met bre pettis too. and you got me crazy drunk afterward. i got drunk last nite too, but just the right amount.

Posted by: chuck at Sep 1, 2006 12:09:59 AM

Yaaay Honey! It sounds like it was a great night - wish I could have been there. I missed seeing so many of my favorite people! Amanda, Mario, Clark and Andrew. Oh well, next time - next time!

ps xx to you too Amanda!

Posted by: Lorika at Sep 1, 2006 10:22:24 AM

amanda and lori -- you seem to be missing the 3rd "x".
just an observation.

Posted by: chuck at Sep 1, 2006 1:11:53 PM

Chuck, Casey already cover that for me. ;)

Posted by: Amanda at Sep 1, 2006 2:07:30 PM

Congratulations dude!

Thats awesome!

Still have to see this doc!


Posted by: JON at Sep 7, 2006 9:21:01 AM