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Glam, Fame, Scandal, etc.

Hello homies. Long time since I rapped at ya. This has been the busiest, most sleepless time of my ass-kicking life. Here's what I've been up to -- you can read it right here on my blog!!

• Shooting and editing videos for Mpls St Paul magazine. This includes videotaping such crazy activities as fashion shows, super famous pop stars in bad lighting conditions, an hanging out in the recording studio with Heiruspecs.

• Almost every day I get tapes FedExed from vlog megatalentress Amanda Congdon. I eat those tapes, close my eyes, and concentrate for several hours overnight. Around the time most people are eating a bagel at their desk, I'm gently regurgitating a masterpiece. (Huh?) Check out all the action at AmandaAcrossAmerica. She's totally driving a Ford hybrid SUV across this land and interviewing world-changing people. Sometimes she shows up at parties with Al Gore and stuff.


• Political scandal. What, you don't pay attention to the boiling cauldron of Minnesota politics? Your loss. It's gotta be better than whatever drama is on TV, until Lost starts. This time, it's the U.S. Senate race: Klobuchar aide loses job for viewing leaked Kennedy ad sent by liberal blogger Noah Kunin. Lots of claims of "hacking" and "stealing" were thrown by bloggers and media of all stripes, leading me to make this Investigative Report video which was mostly shown on TPT's Almanac. I also did more investigating and debunking on New Patriot, all of which led to getting interviewed for this Strib article and much huffing from right-wing bloggers. WHEW! And it's still not over, though I think everyone is ready to move on. I still have a comprehensive video to make about the whole affair that will dispell a lot of disinformation and likely be an ongoing series of some sort.

• Just shoot me! I'm doing what I've always wanted to do. My dreams have come true. But still, I need you to shoot me. In the ear or the butthole area would do just fine -- thanks.

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