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Rocketboom for Travel?


Check out Travelistic. A global travel site with user-submitted video has been a good idea waiting to happen - so far, I like what they're doing. Apparently it's headed up by a former head of MTV's online strategy. The bad news is they want to do pre-roll ads instead of post-roll. Big THUMBS DOWN to that -- if they really want to be the Rocketboom of travel, they'll go with user-friendly post-roll ads.

I've uploaded a few videos from Minnesota Stories and one from Korea. They liked those enough to make me a "User Spotlight" which is very nice. Uptown Art Car Parade is currently the #2 rated video. I do wonder, what's the benefit for a video producer to share content with Travelistic? Traffic, more notoriety, public service... cold hard cash? They probably won't pay if they don't have to, but I'd sure like to see a little revenue sharing in return for sharing my content.

I know, I'm so demanding.

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