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My Computa Spaces, Yay

New discovery - about 10,000 people have seen Vlog Santa on MySpace. The two old episodes I uploaded last month must've been featured videos. Yay! The kids have a pretty mixed reaction to Vlog Santa. From "ololol vlog santa makes my day" to "wot the fuck wis that shit<br> randon basterd." Overall pretty postitive though, and it's really fun to be Vlog Santa on da My Computa Spaces.
VS would need twenty times those views to approach anything like an online "hit." It seems a little easier to get noticed on MySpace video than YouTube, probably because it's fresher and smaller. Lori gets confused when I spend time making MySpace friends for Vlog Santa. He's got about 420 friends now, but I definitely want him in the thousands. There are weird goth/industrial artists I've never heard of with like 45,000 friends on MySpace. Vlog Santa will crush them. Well, not really. But it's the easiest way to build an audience, which I learned from Scriggity. Smart dudes over there.

Meanwhile, if you've sent Vlog Santa a question please be patient. There are props, you see, and and and - anyway, Vlog Santa is a slow fat bastard. How come Karina is the only lady to send in a video question? C'mon ladies, don't be scared. Vlog Santa is all bark and no bite.

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great work, but it definitely ain't easy to build an audience. lots of time, effort, interaction, and listening to what people want to see!!! :)

Posted by: drew olanoff at Dec 16, 2006 12:27:17 PM

no doubt, you guys are the pros!

Vlog Santa don't care what people want to see. ;-)

Posted by: Chuck at Dec 16, 2006 2:56:07 PM

How come I'm the only lady? I'll tell you...because I'm the only awesome lady. DOY!

Posted by: Karina at Dec 18, 2006 3:54:46 PM