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Quicky blog post

I just wrote this on the videoblogging group list and thought I'd repost....

This day began for the Edwards entourage in the early wee hours, in the devastated 9th ward of New Orleans. From there it was on to Des Moines Iowa for a town hall meeting and blogger meetup, and now I'm in New Hampshire about to crash after a totally surreal day that feels like 3 days. (3 awesome days!)

The announcement was your typical press event, my camera had nothing unique to offer. So I interviewed Scoble on how he got involved and what he thought of the whole thing and the process. I interviewed a vlogger from North Carolina who was invited by the Edwards folks and was very excited
to be there. Lastly I found some church volunteers down the block from all the Edwards hoopla, where the "real" work was going on -- they were gutting a house of all it's moldy exoskeleton. They were working like mad ripping it up, finding some remnants of the owner (beads, a moldy bible). The guy giving me the tour was a big Rocketboom fan which I did not expect!

For what it's worth I'm convinced Edwards is a passionate, smart, authentic person who would make a great president. He has some people on his team I interviewed 3 years ago -- the people who made the Dean campaign legendary for its use of technology to engage and make the campaign "people powered." But now, it's evolved to include video and frankly there's a better candidate.

I've got a few bad phonecam photos and thoughts on my flickr

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Are you working on the Edwards campaign or just tagging along for a bit?

Posted by: starfire at Dec 29, 2006 8:50:34 AM

What a life you lead, my friend. Utterly surreal.

Posted by: Sharyn at Dec 29, 2006 6:22:24 PM

Yes, the Chuck Olsen Festival of Surrealism and Dead Horses on a Piano continues unabated.

i was just tagging along for a bit, but who knows what the future holds.

Posted by: chuck at Dec 29, 2006 10:15:30 PM

Edwards means well, and he's a good guy, but he's just not smart enough for the overhaul we'll need to get this country back on its feet in '08. A person who can't speak off talking points can't-- or rather shouldn't-- be the President of the United States.

Nice gig though. Glad to see you out there covering important events like this one. No one better than you for the job.

Posted by: Amanda at Dec 29, 2006 10:44:15 PM

Not smart enough to be president? After the last 6 years, I think that whole idea is out the window. :-)

I know what you mean about Edwards not straying from talking points, and that bothered me last time he ran. But trust me -- Edwards has grown by leaps and bounds. He's wiser, more worldy, and so far is engaging people more than any other candidate.

I've just seen him talk with people at two town halls (the Iowa one was looooong) and groups of bloggers, and he absolutely can speak to issues outside of the talking points. He's essentially an academic in the realm of poverty and its many correlated domestic issues. As for foreign policy - he's spent the last two years travelling around the world and meeting heads of state. I believe that's more than Gov's Bush or Vilsack could say when they announced their candidacies.

I know you're with Vilsack and so was I after seeing your interview with him. I was much less impressed seeing him talk about Iraq on the Daily Show. I think its silly to only be for one candidate, especially this early. Give Edwards another look - check out the Time magazine articles.

Edwards 2.0: Now more than ever.

Posted by: chuck at Dec 30, 2006 6:21:45 PM

Sorry Chuck. I will never vote for someone who has his wife print out blog posts for him to read and coaches him through interviews (with me). No magazine article is going to change a personal experience like that. He doesn't use the internet and to me that makes the whole youtube announcement pretty phony. I will never vote for a poser.I might, however, vote for Elizabeth if she was running...since I believe she's the brains behind the operation, and he's the "face".

Posted by: amanda at Jan 1, 2007 11:41:26 AM

I can respect that. However, it emphasizes something I've been talking about in comments around the blogosphere.

I don't care if the next POTUS satisfies the tech requirements of the Web 2.0 Geekerati. I would much rather that person devote intellectual energy to issues such as Iraq, the environment, poverty, and so on. I'm disappointed to hear Edwards was getting blog post printouts (I think he's progressed since then) but I'm more impressed at his academic knowledge of poverty/race/class issues.

One mark of a true leader is surrounding yourself with people smarter than you. Edwards may be lacking in tech knowledge, but he and Elizabeth know its important and have hired the best and the brightest. That's why his campaign is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in engaging people both online and offline - including face-to-face time with bloggers.

Posted by: chuck at Jan 2, 2007 4:55:43 AM