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Vlog Santa's Media Tour

Ho ho ho! As Vlog Santa says, these days that means "Whore whore whore" which is just what the big guy has turned into. He's gracing the cover of this week's Pulse of the Twin Cities. I was on the cover earlier this year too. Both events are courtesy of gentleman-about-the-town Max Sparber.

A more theatrical, in-depth Vlog Santa experience can be had on this week's Flak Radio podcast. Let me first say, I really enjoy listening to these guys (Joel Myer, Taylor Carik and James Norton). It's funny and darn-near brilliant. They tape in Al Franken's studio, where 2/3 of them work as producers.

Jump right to Vlog Santa's spontaneous visit here (MP3).

Word has it ol' fat drunky will make some sweet-ass vlog cameos too, including The Clip Show and Veoh's hot "internet television" show Viral.

Today I spent some time with VS rehearsing for Xmas eve on a snowy, icy roof. He didn't like that. Later, I filmed him accidentally murdering baby elfs. Also watch for a real life elf slave who looks a lot like my friend Jonathan - that may be the crown jewel of the whole show.

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Thanks for the link to Lack Magazine. I used to read them all the time...

Posted by: steve garfield at Dec 22, 2006 7:55:18 AM

Opportunities do abound for you. Congrats.

Posted by: David Howell at Dec 22, 2006 1:35:53 PM

You are such a media slut. I can't get away from Vlog Santa.

Posted by: Jason at Dec 22, 2006 8:48:50 PM

CONGRATS!!!! The return of Vlog Santa is what I've been waiting all freaking year for!! Chuck you are hil-arious.

Posted by: Amanda Congdon at Dec 23, 2006 1:06:34 PM

thanks luv!

Posted by: chuck at Dec 23, 2006 9:12:36 PM

I lvoe Vlog Santa. I will be setting out some Schlitz and no name bourbon Christmas Eve.

Posted by: daniel at Dec 24, 2006 12:41:05 AM

ayy danny, can i crash at your house for a couple days?
once all this xmas bullcrap is over i need to unwind.
and look for work.

Posted by: Viog Santa at Dec 24, 2006 3:29:22 AM

I am totally looking forward to the elf slave video. Not that it's a fetish of mine or anything. Ahem.

Posted by: Sharyn at Dec 24, 2006 1:37:26 PM