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I'm registered!


Every year I hem and haw. Should I go to South By Southwest? Last year I was a panelist, so the decision was made for me. I started off on the wrong foot (strep throat!) but had a blast once I got better. I also went to Apple Computer with Rocketboom, and was caught up in the utter insanity of RB's first video ad. Oh man, what a ride.

I didn't propose a panel on time this year, so I'm just a free agent. But I can't pass up the chance to hang with Steve Garfield and Zadi and Casey and the usual lovely suspects. Oh! Here's something odd: None other than Odin Soli is on the list of speakers. You know, Plain Layne, the most notorious fictional blogger of all time (I'd say). Here's a few pics of my interview with Odin for Blogumentary.

If you're going to SXSW, see you there!

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Posted by: steve garfield at Jan 12, 2007 8:08:52 PM

I bit the bullet and registered, too. *high five*

Odin Soli? Get out!

Posted by: Erica at Jan 12, 2007 9:27:49 PM

I wish I could come so bad, but between money for the trip and shooting a wedding that weekend to pay for "Video on the Net" the following week, I don't think I'll be making it.

Posted by: Clintus at Jan 12, 2007 10:14:20 PM

Erica: High 5ive returned!

Clintus: Oh crap, I forgot about VON conference. Ummm. Well if I get rich I'll see you there. :-)

Posted by: chuck at Jan 13, 2007 1:26:53 AM

Where are you staying Chuckster?

Posted by: taulpaul at Jan 13, 2007 1:49:52 PM

It's always nice to go South in March, see you in the Texas sunshine Chuck!

Posted by: paul at Jan 13, 2007 2:36:16 PM

paul: no doubt, it's freezing here now and i love seeing flowers and palm trees in march.

taulpaul: dunno yet. you going? the last couple years i've stayed with Msr Baron's friend Robert, who owns the oldest pot bellied pig in Texas. i'm going to see if i can stay with him again, otherwise i'm looking for a roomate.

Posted by: chuck at Jan 14, 2007 12:55:46 AM

So glad you decided to come! It wouldn't be the same w/o you. I'll be there covering for abc and Casey and I will be on a panel together... I def want to see what that weirdo Odin has to say...one of my favorite parts of blogumentary was his/her story fo' sure.

Posted by: Amanda at Jan 14, 2007 12:12:38 PM

hoorah! i'm excited!

Posted by: chuck at Jan 14, 2007 4:27:18 PM

Awesome! Can't wait to hang out! :)

Posted by: Zadi Diaz at Jan 14, 2007 5:51:06 PM

Oh goodie, this should be fun. I'll be there too. Staying at the Capital Hilton.

Posted by: Rex at Jan 14, 2007 9:16:54 PM

And do you think we can finally ask Odin who the pics of Plain Layne really are of? Cuz I still wanna track her down!

Posted by: Rex at Jan 15, 2007 3:58:27 AM

no doubt!

Posted by: chuck at Jan 15, 2007 2:40:12 PM

Can't wait to see you, Chuck. You're getting a hug the size of Godzilla.

Posted by: Casey McKinnon at Jan 19, 2007 11:48:06 AM

I am still an undecided voter on going to South By Southwest Interactive.

I am leaning towards going.

I think I still have until February 12 to register (if I want to make on the List).

Your take on attending.


Posted by: Serge Lescouarnec at Jan 21, 2007 4:23:24 PM