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The video we've been waiting for?

Everyone's been raving about this YouTube mashup of Hillary Clinton with Apple's 1984 ad, called "Vote Different." The Washington Post writes: A Brave New World of Political Skulduggery? Anti-Clinton Video Shows Ease of Attack In the Computer Age. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have even had to answer for it on CNN. The chap who anonymously created the video has fessed up and lost his job because of it.

So everyone is crowning this video as The One. The One that starts the avalanche; the first YouTube election. Holland Wilde asks: What is the big fuss here? There are MANY other, more biting, disparaging, and cynical political statements than this. Does this video manipulation add up to any kind of critical political persuasiveness? No...

My first reaction to this video was *shrug*. Mildly entertaining, I appreciate the effort, but it doesn't say much or have much impact on me. I'm not nearly as harsh as Holland on the creator's initial anonymity or the various (surely accidental) imperfections. I actually think it's exciting not knowing the creator. It strips away one tool we use to decide how we feel about it. Was it created by a Republican hater? A bored teen Obama fan? Chelsea Clinton?

A nice fellow at SXSW kept making the same dinner conversation: "What if a foreign power made a persuasive online video to affect our elections?" Lots of thoughtful nodding... My God, you're right. Brilliant. After a beer I finally said, dude, so what? Who cares. Anybody can and will make persuasive online videos for all kinds of reasons, and we won't know who's responsible for half of them. Bring it on. If some foreign power can make a video so incredibly persuasive as to tilt our election toward a certain candidate, then frankly, that is the candidate we deserve to have.

What I may have underestimated is the media's retarded thirst for just such a thing to happen. In effect, the media can make an anonymous political video have exponentially more impact because they're dying for that juicy story. They've had the narrative written all along and have been waiting for a Hillary 1984 video. This troubling fact may deserve our attention more than the video itself.

Of course, I'm biased. I prefer my Paris Hilton / Apple Computer mashup circa May 2005. It's called "Think Different. Please."

See also: Adam Hanft on HuffPost: The YouTube Hillary Commercial is Sooooo 2006

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With a nod and a wink to you, Chuck.

Don't know if that embed will work.

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Posted by: ZuD at Mar 23, 2007 8:16:06 AM

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Posted by: chuck at Mar 23, 2007 9:40:25 AM

You're right Chuck,

The video got an, "eh? shrug" from me. Most political ads are subpar, so it just stands out from the heap of stinking crap we're all used to seeing. Oh, and the youtube thing helped too.

Posted by: taulpaul at Mar 24, 2007 9:19:24 AM