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Ira Glass on storytelling

Part one of four. Really good stuff. I disagree with something he says in part two: Kill off stories that fall short of expectations. I understand that, but I think the long tail changes everything. Some stories, while not great, are very valuable to a small number of people. Just because someone wasn't a terrific interview doesn't mean what they're saying shouldn't be out there on the intarwebs.

That's right, I said listen to ME not Ira Glass! Embrace mediocrity! Err...

I'm not sure Eskimo Witch can follow his storytelling advice given the weird format, but I'm sure thinking about it. Lars von Trier's entertaining Boss of it All had me thinking about "meta stuff" too - pulling out another level can make a story more interesting and complex.

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Indeed! Those of us with small audiences know this all too well. But those 100 or so people who look at my videos online still have expectations of a certain kind and I am responsible for them. No? It's all about scale when you have millions of eyes or ears you need to be much more selective.
Anyways I wanted you to see a project I helped them out with that relates..
Check out the TAL group Vox http://thisamericanlife.vox.com

Posted by: Mica at Apr 25, 2007 10:27:58 AM