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I'm yr video ambassador

Jackson West just published a lovely writeup of yours truly on NewTeeVee.com:
Chuck Olsen, Minnesota’s Video Ambassador. What a sweet-ass way to kick off the weekend.


He mentions (and heck, embeds video from) a couple of previously-top-secret new projects I've been working on. This first is a new local - for now - videoblog about food. Mainly restaurant, bar, and cafe reviews, but Lori and I also hope to visit farms, gardens, and kitchens. It's called Gastronomical and it's super not ready for prime time. Don't even go to the web site. Unless you want to want a half-done video with an awesome theme song.

The other project, publicly unveiled on Minnesota Stories earlier this week, is The Uptake. At the Personal Democracy Forum in NYC, Thomas Friedman asked, "Will journalism be done by you, or to you?" We've taken than as our motto. You know that whole "My choice of weapons: A camera and a blog" and "We are the media" thing? That's what it's all about. We're not leaving the Macaca moments to chance. We're building an army of camera-equipped citizen journalists, documenting political events and political people. The first big event we're covering is the Yearly Kos Convention in Chicago. Just a couple of us are heading down (on the dreaded Megabus) but it should be a good time. Keep an eye on this project, and let me know if you want to get involved, especially as the RNC approaches.

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Somehow, you must have figured out how to make your days 42 hours long.

Posted by: Barrett at Jul 20, 2007 1:25:37 PM

I agree with Barrett

Posted by: Rupert at Jul 22, 2007 10:17:38 AM

I like Gastronomical a lot, half done video and all. I had a similar idea about a couple of years ago when lo-fi was still a pup and actually made a single video for it. But Lo-Fi took off and I never went back to that other idea because of time issues. Maybe I would do something like that again if I didn't have a day job ... or maybe I would do something else. Who knows ... Anyway here is my half baked restaurant review video from a couple of years ago http://webfu.com/savor.mp4 it's almost painful for me to watch now.

Posted by: Bill Streeter at Jul 22, 2007 10:25:38 AM