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Critical Mass, Kicking Ass

The Uptake was on the scene of Friday's Critical Mass bike ride in Minneapolis. The ride was a huge success – both in number (The Strib says 600) and the lack of arrests or confrontation. The only confrontation we know of is documented here: "The Mercedes Incident."

This video represents a proud accomplishment for The Uptake.

The Uptake is producing original, increasingly networked citizen journalism video. It's not aggregating other random videos, or one person capturing a random moment. We're working as a team and producing original content. Hardly anyone else is doing this.

We used footage from four cameras here, and we have at least two other folks with their own video. Eventually we'll learn how to be networked for real, whether it's through Twitter, wireless headsets, or other methods we haven't thought of. It's an exciting time to be a citizen journalist, and to be creating original stories like this one.

BONUS VIDEO: Chuck talking about critical mass on Channel 5 news

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great event coverage. I wish I knew more about what kind of things happen here in AZ. But if I hear of anything and can make it I'll be sure to get some coverage for you.

Posted by: Clintus McGintus at Oct 27, 2007 8:22:12 AM

that would be SWEET!

Posted by: chuck at Oct 27, 2007 10:49:47 PM