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Support Alive in Baghdad

Brian Conley, creator and co-producer of the most important citizen journalism video project in the world Alive in Baghdad, was recently on Jonny Goldstein's live par-tay show. It was a good chat, with some insight into what it takes to essentially produce original stories from an Iraq news bureau on a shoestring budget. This is a project that needs your support. Lately I've been complaining (too much) about all the money being thrown at online video, yet the real revolutionary and vital projects like AiB survive on our support. Let's keep them going with a small (or big!) donation.

Alive in Baghdad was started with money primarily gathered through grants and donations.  Today we are struggling to get by, and have made it this far on a combination of donations and footage licensing. We have begun taking voluntary monthly subscriptions, in the hope that our viewership will step forward and provide financial support for the Baghdad reports you have come to love.  Please make a subscription pledge today of 5, 10, or 25 dollars. If you don’t feel you can make a regular commitment, consider donating even a few dollars in a one-time donation today.

Please consider becoming a paying subscriber, right now we are offering these easy subscription options:


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