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April 03, 2005


Aren't we good little consumers? Yes, yes we are.

Nearly half of all consumers plan to make their next television purchase a high-definition (HDTV) television set, according to a new consumer survey released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) today. The survey results reinforce CEA's market research projection that total digital television (DTV) unit shipments will surpass analog television sales for the first time in 2005, based on the "digital tuner mandate" issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

So, you lustful HD-geeks, check out the CNet reviews of hot new televisions debuted at CES. Hide your daughters from the Samsung HPR8072 80-inch plasma screen. I don't even have a wall that wide.

Possibly more exciting is the LG 60PY2DR 60-inch plasma TV with a built-in 160GB DVR for recording high-definition content and CableCard, eliminating a couple of settop boxes. (CableCard F.A.Q. and why you might not want this) If a generic DVR isn't good enough, you'll probably be wanting the new High-Definition, Digital Cable Ready TiVo.

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In the UK I think there's a very gradual shift, as in when someone needs to buy a TV now they think "May as well get HD ready for the future" but people aren't that bothered about HD now, in the present. 2 reasons, firstly there isn't a lot of choice of HD programming (although that's getting better all the time, Sky TV now offer about 37 HD channels) and unless you have amazing hardware it's not that easy to appreciate the difference.
Interesting though that Sky TV changed their policy last week and now every new customer gets an HD set-top box with the option to pay extra for the HD channels. Obviously it's expected to get much bigger this year.

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