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April 07, 2005

Digital TV: Not Just for TVs Anymore

TorrentocracyYou might think digital television would require some sort of settop box and, you know, a television. Nope. Digital television is arguably expanding to include video content delivered digitally, whether through the internet or even formats like Windows Media High Definition Video which can be downloaded or served up on a DVD.

EXHIBIT A: Music Television - no longer on your television.

MTV Overdrive brings you the latest news, music, live performances, short form shows and music videos directly to your PC.

EXHIBIT B: ABC News smartly distributes video content through new media.

ABC News on Monday said it would launch an expanded suite of video news products available on the Internet, wireless devices, and someday, maybe even on cable television.

Now, all it has to do is find someone actually willing to put it on television.

ABC's ambitious plan takes the unusual approach of making its programming available to new media outlets even before it completes a plan to get it on TV.

EXHIBIT C: Indie producers don't need no stinking television.

Interested in helping to weave together a new marketplace for the independent media producer? Prodigem has just launched a new part of its service that allows you to sell your content. Check out more info for all the details, but the gist is that you will shortly be able to upload your content into Prodigem, name your selling price and then have Prodigem collect your revenue while controlling access to the torrent.

If that last one is confusing, I recommend reading this explanation of BitTorrent and a very important article on the importance of diverse, independent media, The Long Tail.

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2 weeks and analog TV goes off in Finland. Good we have Television@.Net

Posted by: Olli | Aug 25, 2007 4:55:47 PM

I think digital television would become even more famous in recent years because millions of people use the internet and it could even replace the old television.

Posted by: Cara Fletcher | Aug 30, 2007 1:28:07 PM

SAFTY CONCERNS with Digital Swap
we live as do many in a state that gets hit by hurricanes from time to time. in 2004 hurricane charlie rolled in on us, power phone and cable tv went out early with folks still thinking that the storm was on its way to tampa, then it took a sharp turn and rolled in on us. without analog antina DC powered tv we would have never known.it just seams shortsighted and not in the best intrest of folks that live in harms way. as with any storm like charlie getting the word out to as many as you can saves lives...
has the industries intrests outweighed the publics intrests??? sure looks like it to me... i surely can't be the only one to have thought of this issue.... where are elected "protectors"

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DTV Retailer uses Scam 'Smoke and Mirrors' Tactics

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Fact: Mosquito Productions and freedtvshop.com together are promoting and selling products that are not in stock or available for sale. This practice of selling 'backordered' products is against federal contractor regulations and has drawn public interest and even coverage by 3rd-parties. Investigators attempted to reach the company to no avail.

The scam website freedtvshop.com continues its practice to take pre-orders for the DTV converter boxes that are NOT in stock, and promises delivery in the future without any guarantee they can deliver the equipment. The company immediately collects the information from Government coupons (in violation of the program rules, which prohibit back-ordering) and charges customer credit cards with an authorization for future purchases. Early-adopting consumers were willing to overlook these practices, feeling they would eventually own a converter box on the market. The scam also pulled on the heartstrings of Americans by tying in a Support Our Troops message alongside each scam sale. Federal investigators may be notified to see where the money actually went and to what charities the donations, if any, ever made it to the troops. Further investigations are imminent and it is now known in certain circles that the Company may face the possible of heavy fines and may force bankruptcy. This would surely leave customers that do not take immediate action in the dark when their TV sets go blank forever come February 17, 2009.

As an example, several weeks ago, freedtvshop.com announced that they would not be shipping the Maxmedia MMDTVB03 at all. They were forced to take the product off their website when it became known that the supplier, Maxmedia had never agreed to supply them equipment in the first place. Investigators later learned the MMDTVB03 that appeared on the Mosquito website in fact, would never even make it to market and would be renamed and not available until June. It appears that Mosquito Productions, through its freedtvshop.com website posted converter boxes for sale to unsuspecting customers without actual supplier commitments or relationships and without known availability of shipments from the suppliers. Mosquito Productions now attempting to legitimize what began as a complete 'smoke and mirrors' operation. They seem to still be an approved NTIA retailer, however, it should be known that concerned customers should immediately call the NTIA if they believe there may be a victim of the 'smoke and mirror' tactics employed by Mosquito Productions through its www.freedtvshop.com web store.

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As of April 24, 2008, the freedtvshop.com website is still accepting and processing orders for the "backordered" CECBs — in what appears to be in clear violation of the NTIA program rules, which only allows coupons to be applied to DTV boxes on its approved list that are in stock.

Posted by: Dagger | Apr 26, 2008 5:44:26 PM

Fernsehen seitens der Zuschauer hauptsächlich zur Unterhaltung!!

Posted by: TV | Jun 2, 2010 1:04:34 PM

It's interesting to come back to this post 5 years later when so much has changed, and so many people now watch TV on computers and phones (now that the screens are almost big enough, unlike in 2005). One implication it has is on the UK TV licence (which you must buy by law, the income funds the BBC). Nowadays the rule is if you watch any live TV (ie that is being broadcast as you watch it) regardless of what device you use then you must have a licence. If you only watch catch-up TV such as BBC iPlayer (which you can get online or as part of most Sky and Virgin TV packages) or YouTube then you don't need a licence. The difficult bit for both sides is how do you prove you never watch 'live' TV? Tricky one.

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