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April 05, 2005

HDMI: High Definition Multimedia Interface

Hey, let's take a little lingo break shall we? HDMI. You see it in all kinds of devices: HDTV-ready TVs, cheap and expensive DVD players, home theater receivers and projectors... everywhere. Yeah, but what the hell is it?

Nikkei Electronics Asia has a nice little article explaining everything you'd ever want to know:

Today, the display information coming from a STB, a DVD player, a video game machine or a PC, is basically digital (MPEG2 data stream or computer-generated graphics) and is processed digitally. So the question which inevitably rises is, if the display is in essence needing digital data to display, why should we go on using analog cable connections in our audio video system?

Digital interfaces solve most of the problems encountered with analog: additional unnecessary conversions from and to digital, easy loss of image quality of the analog signal depending on cables length and quality, the number of cables needed to transport analog video and audio at optimum quality, and lack of adequate data protection.

Never mind that last one. You don't really hear consumers complaining of a "lack of adequate data protection," do you? Screaming for more data freedom is more like it.

It's perhaps only a matter of time before wireless uncompressed HD signal transmissions eliminate the need for any cables at all.

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