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April 01, 2005

Liberate Digital Television!


The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Television Front of Digital Liberation wants you to exercise your freedom of content. Acquire or build your own PVRs and HDTV tuners, before the FCC/Hollywood-mandated "broadcast flag" goes into effect in 90 days - dooming your content to their DRM lockbox.

We at EFF want to do our part to advance the DTV transition -- and the public's rights to receive and manipulate DTV broadcasts with technologies they choose.

We want to keep the right to time- and space-shift that the VCR has given us (against Hollywood's protest). We want to keep the fair use rights that let us excerpt clips from press conferences or make our own "Daily Show" from the evening news. That's why we're encouraging people to buy HDTV tuner cards now and build multi-function receivers and recorders around them.

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