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August 12, 2010

Portable 3D Blu-ray Player

Screen shot 2010-08-12 at 12.52.23 PM  This is pretty crazy - from Tech News World:

 The Blu-ray of Happiness

Samsung claims a world's first with its BD-C8000 portable Blu-ray player. It can play full 1080p HD video, enable 3D playback when connected to a 3D-capable TV set and used with 3D glasses, and has a 10.1-inch screen.

Pricing stands at about $500.

. . .

All I know is this: My 1996 Plymouth Voyager van will now be transformed into a MULITIDIMENSIONAL FAT-DEF MAKEOUT SHUTTLE.

But wait... it has to be plugged into a 3D TV? Then it's not really portable 3D, is it?

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