March 31, 2005

High-Definition DVD Format War

Sony_hidefGood news! High-definition video discs are on the way, crystal-clear snuggle buddies for your HD television. Bad news: You may have to decide between HD-DVD, Blu-Ray (that sounds cool), and FVD. Why does every new technology need to have a format war? Oh yeah: Greed.

The Salt Lake Tribune: DVD format war is brewing - will consumers dive for cover?
Now there's new techno-babble to worry about: HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray. Both are formats for high definition DVDs, the next step in home video. The first high-definition players could hit store shelves in the U.S. by the end of this year.

In one corner is a format of high definition DVDs called Blu-ray, which is backed by Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and a few other electronics companies. In the other corner is HD-DVD, supported by Toshiba, NEC and others.

But good news may be on the horizon, thanks to consumer efforts like the One Format Only Campaign. Top Sony exec hints at Blu-ray, HD-DVD detente
After more than a year of touting Blu-ray as the best technology to replace DVD for storing high-definition video and winning proponents including Apple, a top executive at Sony Corp., one of Blu-ray's major backers, has opened the door to the possibility of unifying the format with its arch rival, HD-DVD.

"Listening to the voice of the consumers, having two rival formats is disappointing and we haven't totally given up on the possibility of integration or compromise."



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