Lucky Tiger

I'm ba-aaaaaaack!

Didja miss me? It's only been 3 years! :)

I thought I'd get my blogging feet wet again with a nice little tomato review post. So here goes:

Lucky Tiger

 Lucky Tiger from Johnny's Select Seeds


I am a total sucker for seed marketing - at least when it come to the name. Name anything with tiger, and I will buy it. Dragon? Forget about it - I am so there. Golden Queen tomato, Thai Dragon pepper, Purple Haze carrot? Yep. Bought 'em all. Sometimes you get burned and the plant or the fruit is a total dud and you chide yourself for being so foolish--but sometimes, it totally works out and you find a new favorite.

That was definitely the case with the Lucky Tiger tomato seeds I got from Johnny's. At first I thought it was actually a dud because they were all cracking wide open on the vine and I thought - well, I guess that tiger is not so lucky. But them I realized that it was just my mistake in not realizing they were getting too ripe! The photo in the catalog showed them being a more golden color, but at least in my garden they are much more green with a red blush. I finally picked some and tried them and they are great! Sweet and mild with an almost green grape flavor. They are also more thick skinned, but in a good way - they almost crunch! But, they are juicy and great for salads or just eating by themselves.

Definitely going to grow them again and would recommend! Added bonus, I think they are a beautiful tomato and to me that is a great selling point. I am always on the lookout for THE most beautiful tomato. :)

So, what new varieties did you try this year? Any new favs or were you plagued by duds?

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Vintage Wine - It's about time!

Vintage Wine Wow - it's been 2 years since I posted? Where has the time gone? To social media I guess. ;) Well, if there's anyone out there - spambots, this does NOT include you! (Die spambots die! etc, etc) Here is a beautiful tomato. It's called Vintage Wine and it's a medium large beefsteak heirloom. One of the largest I've got this year, which isn't saying that much unfortunately. With all the heat and rain you'd think I'd have some giants - but then I never got around to ordering seeds and the stores just did not have the heirlooms I was looking for - lesson learned! Order online if you want the weird (best) tomato varietes! The flavor is generally good on this one, haven't actually busted into one yet this year, but I recall it having a pretty good sweetness and balance. A good slicer for your tomato sandwiches for sure, and pretty to boot. Just about the prettiest I've seen. What is your favorite variety this year? (Spambots, not you! I know it would be a stupid Early Girl or some other mass produced tasteless thing anyway. :P)

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Ode to Tomatoes

The street

filled with tomatoes



light is halved

like a tomato,

its juice runs through the streets.

In December,


the tomato invades the kitchen,

it enters at lunchtime,

takes its ease on countertops,

among glasses,

butter dishes,

blue saltcellars.

It sheds its own light,

benign majesty.


we must murder it:

the knife sinks into living flesh,

red viscera,

a cool sun,



populates the salads of Chile,

happily, it is wed to the clear onion,

and to celebrate the union

we pour oil,

essential child of the olive,

onto its halved hemispheres,

pepper adds its fragrance,

salt, its magnetism;

it is the wedding of the day,

parsley hoists its flag,

potatoes bubble vigorously,

the aroma of the roast knocks at the door,

it's time!

come on!

and, on the table,

at the midpoint of summer,

the tomato,

star of earth,

recurrent and fertile star,

displays its convolutions,

its canals,

its remarkable amplitude and abundance,

no pit,

no husk,

no leaves or thorns,

the tomato offers its gift of fiery color and cool completeness.

--Pablo Neruda

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First Potatoes!

First potatoes from my @SecretFarm! They are French Fingerlings
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These are the first potatoes I have ever grown. Such cute little guys. They are French Fingerlings- pink inside and out. Basically they are recycled potatoes I got from the co-op that had started growing in the dark cupboard inside their plastic bag. So, I planted them. Highly recommend it. Barely any effort and now I hopefully have a whole new bag o' taters!

I can't wait to harvest the rest!

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All about the berries!

All about the berries
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Hey! Two posts in one day?! What the...!

Yes, the berries. That is what it is all about right now at the secret farm. First, it was the strawberries by the bucket all June long (and still a few stragglers now) And right on their heels (or whatever berries have) the raspberries! They are crazy this year! Which makes me wonder, do berries like drought? I did not water the raspberries AT ALL, and they are just nutso! BTW, the pic shows about a 1/4 of the raspberries picked yesterday!

The strawberries were pretty gangbusters too, with very little attention from me. In fact, watering them just seems to encourage slug damage, so I am refraining.

I just don't know how they make themselves so juicy and delicious without rain!? I know raspberries have very deep roots - ever try to dig some up? But strawberries have very shallow roots. Pretty amazing.

What are all your berries up to? What are your favs?

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Monarchs released!

Released Monarch
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This is one of the 3 Monarchs we had that made cocoons on the same day, and came out on the same day! Unfortunately, they came out early in the morning on July 4th and when we got up and saw them we didn't have time to get more than a few iPhone shots of them before we had to run off to a parade. Oh well. We've got another one getting close to making a cocoon now, perhaps it will come out when we have more time to spend with it!

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Twittering from the Garden

Hey! You've probably been wondering where the heck I am lately. Well, the 3 of you that are left, anyway. ; )

I've been in the garden a lot lately, big surpirse! But, I've also been twittering more as a consequence, because it is much easier to do from the garden! It also just takes a couple of minutes, which means you don't even have to stop working. Which stops the panic of not getting everything done in the garden, which is a good thing.

There's also a lot of other great gardeners on twitter, and I may even blog about them too.

So, follow me on twitter eh? I'm @secretfarm

I will still blog here though, so don't worry! I will probably blog just about as much as before during the growing season, but now there's twitter too. Yay!

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