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I made a documentary about blogs. Seriously.


Err, my Amazon Wishlist is here. The link above isn't working.

How rude of me not to talk about myself earlier. Usually I talk about myself all the time. Why else would I have a blog? I live in Minneapolis and am a freelance mediamaker and blog consultant. I worked for 7 years at a public television station as Senior Web Producer. I recently finished an independent documentary feature about blogs called Blogumentary. I've had work screened at the City Pages Get Real Documentary Film Festival, Walker Art Center, Twin Cities Public Television, Sound Unseen, 5 Minutes of Fame webcast, DV-Cinema (screenings and DVD), the Fringe Film Fest, and my mom's living room.

I went to the University of Minnesota and, after fumbling around in computer science and information systems, ended up really pissed at the Gulf War and became a political science major. I was particularly interested in the media's relationship with politics and other systems of power. I've been into film, video, and design for awhile now, and sometimes get in front of the camera too.

I am a Gemini and enjoy long walks in the fark.


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