disturbing_gifts.jpgYou know why friends are the best? No no no, not because they're the people you jump up and down with at the Guided By Voices show. Not because you can trust them enough to say things aren't going so well. Not because you can joke about how super gay the end of Return of the King is, all hopping into Frodo's sheets with their little hobbit naughty bits a-twitter. No, I'm afraid it's simply a matter of material lust.

Friends give the best Christmas booty.

The DVDs alone make me quiver in anticipated delight: Family Guy 3rd Season. Dark Days. DEVO: The Complete Truth About De-Evolution. Tenacious D: The Complete Master Works. The Graduate. Monty Python & the Holy Grail: Collector's Edition. ResFest Vol 3. The Work of Director Chris Cunningham. Punch Drunk Love. Get the picture? My knees liquify and I drop to the ground. I lap up my knee-liquid like a greedy little mutt, only to see it rush out my leg stumps again. Mmm, it's so good, this quivery knee-liquid! It fills the room and I'm suspended in media gel, floating before the television. My DVD embalming station.

I'm not even mentioning the CDs, the video games, the naughty books. Certainly not saying a word about the deluxe booze or the fuzzy warm slippers. All orbiting around me in this galaxy of quivery knee-liquid: curated manifestations of love.

And how is your holly-day, blog friends?

Since I missed Sharyn's sushifest, I must continue to experience her vicariously in blog form. She's discovered a ROTK photo that I'm fairly certain didn't appear in the theatrical release. Her Holidazzle gallery almost makes the hated Christmas parade look enjoyable. But I'm not fooled.

More fantasy coming our way from New Zealand: The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe to begin shooting next winter. The snowy Christian delights of Narnia beckon us into the closet! Oh, what new gayness awaits?

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    "Dark Days" is one of the most intense documentaries I've ever seen (still haven't seen the spectacle of "The Dancing Outlaw", but it's on my list). We were lucky enought to see it at the Oak Street a few years back with the director presenting.

    As for the Holidazzle parade...didn't fool the husband either. Heh.

    Posted by: Sharyn at Dec 22, 2003 8:01:44 AM

    That photo from ROTK on Sharyn's blog looks like it must be something that takes place in Minas Tirith after the gigantor battle. In the book, Eowyn is crippled from her fight with the Witch-King, as is Merry. I assume this is a moment between Aragorn and Eowyn while she's recovering.

    Posted by: jonathan at Dec 22, 2003 11:59:23 AM

    That sounds about right, Jonathan. So perhaps the scene was initially intended to be in the theatrical release, but got cut at the last minute. Oy, nearly a year for the extended version. Whatever will we do?

    Posted by: Sharyn at Dec 22, 2003 1:40:55 PM

    I have an idea, Sharyn. Watch the Two Towers: Extended Edition DVD I better be getting for Christmas over and over and over again....at least that is what I am going to do.

    Posted by: Tim at Dec 22, 2003 3:22:46 PM

    So nice to be among LOTR scholars.

    I saw the first 15 minutes-or-so of Dark Days in my documentary class, and was utterly engrossed. Can't wait to watch it. Not familiar with The Dancing Outlaw...

    Posted by: Chuck Olsen at Dec 22, 2003 6:49:25 PM

    Ah. Here's a blurb:

    This documentary short, produced for West Virginia public TV's "Different Drummer" series, introduces us to Jesco White, a hard-living, tap-dancing Boone County resident whose repeated run-ins with the law have interfered with his dream of becoming as renowned a "mountain dancer" as his late father, D. Ray White. We meet Jesco's three distinct personalities; the gentle and loving Jesse, the violent and dangerous Jesco, and the extremely strange Elvis. We also encounter various members of Jesco's family, all nearly as eccentric as Jesco himself. You will ask, "Are these people for real?" Yes, they are. "The Dancing Outlaw" was released to videocassette after becoming something of a cult sensation through circulating "bootleg" tapes. Film and TV actress Roseanne is among Jesco's many fans.

    Posted by: Sharyn at Dec 22, 2003 8:50:48 PM