trippidog.jpgLongtime Associate of Al Gore Takes the Helm. Holy crap. I'm in shock. Joe Trippi was the heart and soul of this campaign, and largely responsible for the incredible success of the Internet campaign. When Dean uberblogger Mathew Gross showed up at Dean HQ unannounced, Trippi hired him on the spot. I pet his cute dog for chrissakes. (That's Kasey, "Director of Kanine Outreach.") Good luck Joe.

This is make-it or break-it time for Dean. I guess Joe Trippi doesn't answer to anyone but Dean and the Dean supporters. Let's hope Roy Neel can turbocharge the Dean Machine. (Err, should Dean really be taking campaign advice from Al Gore?)

I’m proud of all of you and the work we have done together. I may be out of the campaign but I’m not out of the fight. Don’t give up -- stay with Howard Dean’s cause to change America.

Man, this really bums me out. I don't wanna take the medicine, it tastes icky!

  • Slate explains: Wait, Dean has the most delegates?
  • David Weinberger's new Corante blog: Loose Democracy
  • I'd sure like to attend the Digital Democracy Teach-In
  • Hooray! SXSW Blog open for business. Who's going?

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    me, too, i would love to go to that workshop. it's just one day. maybe i can use some air miles....

    Posted by: lane at Jan 28, 2004 9:27:02 PM

    Sad to see Trippi go, though Neel may be what Dean needs to beat Kerry. I'll be curious to see what happens... I'm willing to trust Neel... I think Al Gore's biggest problem in the 2000 election (besides fucked up voting and all of that shit) was Al Gore. Maybe it is too little too late, but Neel could possibly stir things up...

    Posted by: ryan at Jan 29, 2004 2:27:18 AM

    i think it's too late. seriously. the amount of cash the Dean campaign burned through versus what they have left...people deferring their pay...it doesn't look good. and neither do the poll numbers.

    Posted by: lane at Jan 29, 2004 8:23:46 AM

    sadly i think you're right, superdelegates notwithstanding.

    Posted by: Chuck at Jan 29, 2004 9:57:58 AM

    People are deferring their pay that work for the Dean campaign? That
    sucks! But then, Kerry has already mortgaged his house once and
    apparently is perfectly willing to do that as many times as it takes.
    Is this common? What's going on here?

    Posted by: Lorika at Jan 29, 2004 10:33:15 AM

    Article on Kerry and Dean's financial situation.

    Posted by: Chuck at Jan 29, 2004 3:50:26 PM