Rhythm Track: Devil Went Down to Iowa, Came Back Beaten - plenty of Dean deconstruction over at Blogging of the President:

Jay McCarthy
Dean's loss is not the Internet's loss. It is simply Dean's loss. The Internet is bigger than Howard Dean and a true Internet lead candidate and Internet infused democracy has yet to be tried. We cannot say now whether it would be effective, but it seems to me to be the natural progression after a history of town meetings and politicians who get support by promising to give people their country back and listen to anyone.

All it takes is someone to turn those promises into actions, or for the people to realize that this government is for them and they don't need to wait for a politician to let them have it.

My head hurts, so I'm not writing a manifesto about this stuff. Yet. Lori probably will though. Here is my comment on Lydon's essay:

Chuck Sez:
Dean didn't kiss up to the media and give them an easy narrative. He didn't fit into one of their easily-categorized boxes, so they had to push him into one of theirs, be it "Internet-wunderkind outsider" or "angry doomed freak."

Of course Dean is partly responsible for his public image, and of course the voters can decide for themselves. But - of COURSE the media is the hugely influential goop between us and the candidates. I look forward to studies that concretely show the negative press mentions of Dean and examine the snowball effect.

Blogs obviously represent a very real - economic - threat to big media. You'd be naive to think otherwise; they'd be naive to ignore it. The revolution will be blogged, if it isn't co-opted first.

I like thinking of the media as a semi-permeable gelatinous goo. It distorts the way things look. It makes my skin feel icky and I hack up bits of media gel. Or maybe it's like being locked in the Matrix slime pod. Projections of our desires are pumped into our brains. When you blog, you yank the tube out of your neck and plunge to the surface, gasping for air.

My God, I've been in a sea of media goop all this time!

Breathe now. Ahhhhh.

  • jill/txt looks yummy. Observations on Orkut and Pepsi splashed all over the Apple home page. By the way? I've received a few invitations to join Orkut, but am holding out in protest. Someone please tell me why it's worth my time. Which is, admittedly, completely worthless.

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    Mmmmmmmm, I love metaphors. Great one on the media babe. Gelatinous goo, I love it!

    Posted by: Lorika at Jan 29, 2004 10:35:09 PM

    Thanks for the reference!

    Posted by: Jay McCarthy at Jan 30, 2004 6:24:43 PM