Hi there. Listen, I like you. A lot. But a man needs his space, you know? You can't just go dropping by here whenever you feel like it. Sigh. Okay, don't cry. I'm sorry. DAMMIT I SAID DON'T CRY YOU F-- oh no no no.... I'm sorry, I flew off the handle there. Honey please stop clawing at your face like that, you'll smear your makeup.

Now listen. I've got something special lined up for you. Ohhhhh what's that? Blink blink, a twinkle of sunshine? Yes, daddy has treats for you. Zzyess he does. Yes! There's my pretty girl. Okay, now run along. Don't be long? Miss you. *smooch*

  • Secret Farm, aka lovely Lorika, has been kicking serious blog ass.
  • The Last Minute, a frequent visitor 'round these parts, is full of liberal linky goodness. Just don't ask him about "Janet Jackson's Brest."
  • Journalism 4551 has jumped into the blog pool as a group. Kinky!
  • Influencing Influentials makes your brain work in a good way.
  • Have you heard the Finnish shouting choir? Via new TyepPadder Noodling.
  • dooce's baby leta. awww.
  • Seinfeld is back, with American Express burned on his butt.
  • Cheek wants us to rock with him 2nite. I'm digging Drive-By Truckers, but must avoid the 400 bar.

    Me and my big mouth: Chuck Olsen is taking his Blogumentary on the road.
    Sponsorship people, I need sponsorship!

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    plus it's Tina's birthday! what, do you hate the baby?

    Posted by: lane at Feb 6, 2004 3:14:49 PM

    God bless blogs. I may just have to make an appearance at the 400, after being personally invited on Mark's blog.

    Man, I love being a blog celebrity.

    First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women.

    Posted by: spacewaitress at Feb 6, 2004 8:00:42 PM

    Zook phenomenon!

    Posted by: Chuck at Feb 6, 2004 8:27:41 PM

    Hi, I'm Chuck Olsen. I'm here to let you know that only imaginary characters - figments of my sick imagination - were used in the beginning of this post. Think of it as a literary exercise between a "bad guy" blogger and his captive audience... a sort of Silence of the Blogs scenario.

    Thank you, and enjoy the show!

    Posted by: Chuck at Feb 7, 2004 7:57:23 AM