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lovedoll.jpgEXPERIMENT: To have sexual relations with "the world's finest love doll." Genius.

More must-reading at Nerve.com:

lizphair.gif Sex Advice from Liz Phair. Rowr.

Amateur Video Contest: Sexiest 1-Minute-or-Shorter Video That Includes a Discussion of Attorney General John Ashcroft

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Is the world really so different now? Senator Albert Gore, Sr. at the DNC in 1968 reflects on how in 1964, LBJ promised we would not send our boys to a land war in Asia, and won by a 64% landslide. But within a few months, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution is passed by Congress giving the Administration a blank check to rapidly escalate the Vietnam War. Gore reminds the delegates how costly this has been.

buckley.jpgOh! Better than that! Olde tymey culture wars: William F. Buckley Jr.and Gore Vidal go at it. Vidal: "the only pro or crypto-Nazi here is yourself." Buckley: "Now listen, you queer, you stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I'll sock you in the goddamn face..."

[More 1968 clips, courtesy Joi Ito]

  • Totally zany David Hasselhoff video [via Liberry Blooze]

  • Go buy yourself a logo. Only $20. I like "Mascot Edition."

  • I'm digging the KRNL webcast and they played this one jangly rock song that goes, "Who's sorry now? Who's sorry noooow? Yeah yea yeah yeah". Anybody know what I'm talkin' bout? Who is that? Is there a stupid-ass law that says you can't list songs played online? I think there is. WTF.

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    George you ignorant slut

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    This seems like something you'd read in the history books. Joe Trippi and his wife invite a bunch of concerned folks out to their Maryland farm. They eat well, they talk democracy, they work the field. At the end of the day they commit to keep the Dean movement moving forward. They sign the Cummings Creek Compact:

    Change for America will be a national organization that unites progressive communities and sets an agenda of meaningful reform. The values that shaped our campaign are the same values that formed the moral foundation of our American democracy—and we carry those values today. We are committed far beyond a single election.

    Our immediate path is clear: we must defeat George W. Bush and elect a new president, we must infuse elections at every level with the same commitment that built this movement—and you must decide how to do it.

    Together, we will all shape the platform and mission of Change for America.

    They'll be holding a series of summits around the country, including Minneapolis. I'll be there. My comment on the CoA thread: Democracy needs an upgrade! I wonder how this will differ from Camp Wellstone?

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    I should just retire this blog. All this time spent on blogging when I could be reading and commenting at BuzzMachine. Is there a BuzzMachineFilter? Jeff's got a huge list of next-generation blogging tool ideas, news that the Internet is now bigger than cable, and a nice long discussion about gay marriage and Bush which includes this absolute gem:

    Well, I am unwilling to allow a bunch of gay judges redefine marriage for me. If they want to define a union for homosexuals, feel free, don't do it by destroying the definition that is 2000 years old. No gay Bible for me, thank you.

    Conservative homosexual Andrew Sullivan is voting for Kerry now: The president launched a war today against the civil rights of gay citizens and their families. ... rather than keep the Constitution out of the culture wars, this president wants to drag the very founding document into his re-election campaign.

  • 12 Reasons Gay Marriage Will Ruin Society
  • Adam Curry's "Blog News Agency" - brilliant idea
  • BloggerCON II April 17

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    babyheadballs chains

    lorika mask sculpture

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    I was hoping this SXSW trip wouldn't be an insane interview odyssey, but Jesus H. Look at this lineup. Now Joe Trippi is on board. Joi Ito, can I get you to chat with Howard Rheingold? Chris Allbritton, I want you! Cameron Marlow, it's show time! And I just plain would love to meet Kaye Trammell, Wiley Wiggins, and Danah among many others. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

    Lorika and I will be residing at the Crowne Plaza hotel. We will have camera. Microphone. And insane monkey times.

    I must confess, I didn't quite know what I was doing during SXSW 2003. I did get a lot of interviews and had a blast. One thing I've learned in the last year is that I'm not so crazy about interview footage. It's valuable in its own right, and I'll certainly use it, but I'm much more interested in capturing people doing things, in their natural environment. SXSW is not really anyone's natural environment.

    My favorite Blogumentary moments are real-life moments. Lori starting her blog - I talked to her while she was cooking dinner and pissed off at the media's treatment of Howard Dean. That's what I'm talking about. Talking to Crystal after she made her suicidal blog post, before she headed down to Iowa to stay with Lane and Tina. Me, deleting my blog. That's the good stuff, that's close to home and close to my heart. That's what makes a good documentary.

    But, SXSW ends up being my only chance to talk with these amazing luminaries. Whether the interviews end up in Blogumentary the film isn't so important - snippets will be posted on this here blog, but more significantly, open-sourced at The Open Video Project. I just need some funds to dub and index these many hours of blog interviews so I can send it off to them. Slowly but surely, this is the world's first open-source documentary.

    Let this be the seed of a thousand blogumentaries!

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