Tongue only half-in-cheek. Check out the MeFi thread about danah boyd's purse being stolen.

My MeFi comment:

Wow, I haven't been back to MeFi in ages. Glad to see nothing's changed! Oh boy oh boy oh boy... I'm going to jump in. Dreamghost, it's pretty clear from your comments and "web site" that you're just a punkass kid. But that's cool, I used to be a punkass kid. Anyway. I was thinking about this social network thing. You know, if some dudes off the street crashed a Shriner party and somebody snapped a few pics of them, the Shriners would be making photocopies and coming down on their ass. Because one of their own got the shaft, you know? I never met danah before that party, but I read her blog and think of her as "one of my own" - a smart blogger I like and trust. So I feel bad that her valuables got stolen and want to help. Is this the best way? Who knows - it's an experiment. Maybe if somebody DOES find one of these guys, maybe that matches up to a phone trace or an IP or some other evidence. True, only one of them actually committed a crime so it's not really fair to group them all together. But if I was in her shoes, I'd sure as hell post pics of all of them. They seemed pretty tight to me. Here's what I find sortof exciting - bloggers (in this case me) are overdocumenting their lives, so you know -- don't fuck with bloggers! They'll post your picture on the web, they'll swarm, they'll find you. Bloggers are hyperaware of their power as a network, so I think they're more willing to come together around something like this. Well, at least that's what I thought before reading this thread.

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I just spent my coffee-drinking time reading the entire thread. Not sure which woke me up more. But unexpected, unnecessarily bilous comments like those are what kept me from creating a MeFi account.

Posted by: Sharsula at Mar 25, 2004 7:44:17 AM

yeah I'm really glad all those folks have nothing better to do, other then bash someone who was the victim of a crime.

Posted by: bm at Mar 25, 2004 8:26:05 AM

Damn you Metafilter! I was all fired up to fire off a volley to those
asses over there myself, when I realized I'd have to log in or something,
and I sure don't ever want to go back. I'm simply appalled at those "people".
Oh well, sigh, I hardly know you anymore MeFi.

Posted by: Lorika at Mar 25, 2004 2:51:59 PM

well, you dont need a metafilter account to email me. i stand behind my comments.

i might be a "punked ass kid" dok, but assumptions off a website and post you disagree with and this gem of a comment you left on danahs weblog...

When these guys first appeared in the apartment, I was like, "uhhh - who the hell are these guys?" Obviously not in this exclusive blogger party club. Let's face it, bloggers are a tight-knit mostly white mostly affluent bunch - these guys IMMEDIATELY stuck out like a sore thumb at this party. Especially that late in the evening, when everybody knew everybody for the most part.

let me see the predjudice snob you really are.

i wont speak for mathowie & metafilter but it seems to me if you people are so fucking thin skinned that a couple comments you dont like make you curse metafilter to the high moons. then i say were all the better with out you. the fact is dok you could of emailed me to ask me to clarify my comments. or as a member you could of posted to metatalk.

BLOGS: The Peoples Media
INTERNET: The Peoples Media

-dreamghost the great

Posted by: dreamghost at Mar 25, 2004 8:29:26 PM

Ok, here's the first comment you're standing behind:

and what is it with these dumb ass nerds who take these pictures that look like the camera took a hit of acid.

Let the record show we're beginning with you insulting me. Gee, thanks. Then the stuff about "i'm sure mommy & daddy will replace her stuff" etc - you just like to shoot your mouth off without knowing anything about *who* you're insulting. Good luck with that son.

And about my comment above? It was an exclusive blogger party. I'm not being a prejudiced snob, I'm stating the facts. This party was full of Net elite and A-list bloggers, of which I am neither and felt a bit uncomfortable at first. Those guys did stick out like a sore thumb. I'm going to try to clarify that on danah's thread right now in fact.

Posted by: Chuck at Mar 25, 2004 9:35:42 PM

full of Net elite and A-list bloggers.

you crack me up, just one big circle jerk...

anyways if you read the mefi thread you would of know someone informed me on why those pics look like there were on acid. the comment was based on waht i thought was some kinda fad. i have seen a lot of pictures lately that have that trippy look.

mommy & daddy...

ill agree this comment was kinda harsh. but after reading her blog i gotta a sense that she did not have it that bad & life would go on.

and you shot your mouth right off quick as me. by looking at my unfinished webpage & a comment i posted on a website. to form a assumption. just like you stated bloggers are white, tightknit and affluent.

you know your thoughts when those guys walked thru that door were predjudice. i did not say racist. but maybe you should ponder that maybe these guys were invited by a friend of a friend who left the party 2 hours earlier.

i have this funny feeling... that life will go on for me, you, and danah.

kudos, -dreamghost the great

Posted by: dreamghost at Mar 26, 2004 12:28:20 AM

Mmmmm, circle jerk.

If you read the rest of the danah thread, you'll see that those guys conned their way in when other people were leaving. When told it was invite-only, they said "You're not letting us in because we're black!"

i hope life goes on quick, i need to get back to the Lord's good work.

Posted by: Chuck at Mar 26, 2004 1:25:05 AM

ps: fartmonkey

Posted by: Chuck at Mar 26, 2004 1:27:35 AM