Molly and Lorika - separated at birth? That's what everyone has been saying. I see a little resemblance in their faces, but not a lot.


Jane and Molly smoochin' at the Blogger party. I explode.


Later we checked out this great band, Citizens Here and Abroad. Their drummer Chris is having a spasmodic fun attack. He works at Blogger so the whole gang was there. We played pool with John Halcyon Styn and his brother Jim. Twice. And lost.


Moments before, Min Jung Kim kung-foo'd Lori onto the floor. Whoops! Earlier, MJ put Friendster CEO Jonathan Abrams in a headlock. He was not amused. Then again, apparently he's a bit of a jerkwad.


My turn for an ass-whoopin by MJ. So glad we're buds now. Just gotta break the seal, you know? I can't wait for the Blogumentary West Coast Odyssey.


Poor Matt, so young and easily taunted. You should see his face after a little swig from Min Jung Kim's single malt scotch flask.

I don't have any pix from the EFF/Creative Commons shindig, but I had the pleasure of meeting Jon Lebkowsky and my man Wiley Wiggins. Wiley and friends had some great advice for an open-source new wave filmmaker such as myself.

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