Minnesota doesn't know summer is here yet, but we do. This was the scene last night: cold beer, hot grill, cold arses.

Today: The IFP Indie Producer's conference was okay. More geared toward narrative, more geared toward filmmakers that actually have budgets. Still, I picked up a thing or two and hugged some old friendlies.

The good news: I'm back in focused documentary mode.
The possibly bad news, that's actually good: I'm thinking of stopping blogging, or perhaps only blogging when I have Blogumentary news/video to post.

Tonight: A lovely soiree followed by 15 Head's latest, Oil on Canvas. [On the way in, stage director Josey said "Are you Chuck? I read your blog!"] We absolutely adore 15 Head's creative vision. This play, about the life and artistry of Modigliani, was a bit tame and traditional by 15 Head standards. Still, it had us in a buzzing creative space afterward. Lorika and I talked about how everything is derivative, and I think we'd hate something truly new and original because it would be alien. We came up with some weird spontaneous ideas about what that might be. We'd share them, but we'd have to kill you.

After the play we had coffee at "Eat Street" on Nicollet, where we accidented into a magical world of alternative sexuality and spirituality - "Goddess Night." I tell you, I walked in a man and walked out a pagan lesbian. Rejoice sisters! Glowing mystical, we had no choice but to take in some Indian food at New Delhi. The best Indian food on the planet. Or at least, Nicollet Avenue.

And now, we're going to watch Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers and explore our new satanic lesbian identities. Hot!

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