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I've finally decided to keep blogging to a bare minimum while I focus on my documentary. Distilling a compelling, creative vision from over 60 hours of footage is a huge undertaking. Even more time consuming than blogging!

My intent is to only post when I have Blogumentary news or video.

Thank you, God Bless the Blogosphere, and please donate money to this film if you can.

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Banjo Bush [8.5 MB Quicktime]

Bush made a few remarks after the 9/11 commission "visit." I thought I'd have a little fun with it. It's cheap, it's obvious... but how could I resist?

To see who votes for G.W. Bush, here's a full-blooded Texan I taped one year ago in Austin, TX. He don't need the rest of the United States, or the U.N., or "Frenchie." Polar opposite as his views were from mine, I couldn't help but like the guy.

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Geekprom.mov [22 MB Quicktime]

Sorry it's so big and so crappy. Twice the size, half the quality! I'm experiencing technical difficulties with my new editing system, and I ended up twice-compressing this video because everything got screwed up. Geek Prom = Blogumentary training wheels. Bluefire is cool though. God I love that song. Space Waitress sports some fancy dance moves, too. And let's not forget our crowned geek royalty. Can you guys fire the bullies that run this country? Thanks.

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Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers is incredibly creative and inspiring documentary filmmaking. Definitely a positive influence upon the Blogumentary.

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Minnesota doesn't know summer is here yet, but we do. This was the scene last night: cold beer, hot grill, cold arses.

Today: The IFP Indie Producer's conference was okay. More geared toward narrative, more geared toward filmmakers that actually have budgets. Still, I picked up a thing or two and hugged some old friendlies.

The good news: I'm back in focused documentary mode.
The possibly bad news, that's actually good: I'm thinking of stopping blogging, or perhaps only blogging when I have Blogumentary news/video to post.

Tonight: A lovely soiree followed by 15 Head's latest, Oil on Canvas. [On the way in, stage director Josey said "Are you Chuck? I read your blog!"] We absolutely adore 15 Head's creative vision. This play, about the life and artistry of Modigliani, was a bit tame and traditional by 15 Head standards. Still, it had us in a buzzing creative space afterward. Lorika and I talked about how everything is derivative, and I think we'd hate something truly new and original because it would be alien. We came up with some weird spontaneous ideas about what that might be. We'd share them, but we'd have to kill you.

After the play we had coffee at "Eat Street" on Nicollet, where we accidented into a magical world of alternative sexuality and spirituality - "Goddess Night." I tell you, I walked in a man and walked out a pagan lesbian. Rejoice sisters! Glowing mystical, we had no choice but to take in some Indian food at New Delhi. The best Indian food on the planet. Or at least, Nicollet Avenue.

And now, we're going to watch Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers and explore our new satanic lesbian identities. Hot!

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BlogTalk 2.0 is this summer, but you can now purchase BlogTalks, the book compilation from BlogTalk 1.0 where my Blogumentary trailer made it's first public appearance. Mr. Burg has invited me to send him the latest incarnation to put on infinite loop at the conference entrance. Ahh, my second European "screening." I'm also submitting to the IFP Market. I should quit goofing around with this blogging business and revive an organic, symbiotic relationship with my footage.

I'm hoping to glean some useful distribution/financing wisdom tomorrow at the IFP Independent Producers Conference.

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A Portrait of You and Stevie Nicks, among the 2004 Webby Award nominees. A wind-tussled dream come true, wrapped in roses, lost in starry moon shadows.

    Just like the white winged dove...
    Sings a song...
    Sounds like she's singing...
    Whoo... whoo... whoo...
    Just like the white winged dove...
    Sings a song...
    Sounds like she's singing...
    Ooo baby... ooo... said ooo

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liberty_men_img6A site I've been busting my arse on went live today.
Behold: Liberty! The American Revolution. This was my first PBS site, way back in 1997, now redesigned by Popular Front and better organized. Check out then-unknown Philip Seymour Hoffman. I should consider myself lucky to work on web sites for such esteemed documentarians as Middlemarch Films, who've worked with the Maysles brothers and D.A. Pennebaker. Not to mention Catherine Allen, who's partially responsible for bringing Hoop Dreams to life.

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westerbergGoddamm! Replacements video from 1981 in the Entry, unearthed at Twin/Tone. Young Tommy is a real punk maniac. Lorika and I went out for a drink at Whitey's tonight and they were playing some 'Mats – made me hanker for more. I never got to see 'em, so this stuff is golden.

Speaking of bands I never saw back in the day. Jason reviews the Minneapolis Pixies show, first show of the tour. What a stellar rock-n-roll moment. My friends just got back from seeing them in Saskatoon. There were still tickets available, but of course there's the crappy 14 hour drive. Only 7 months until their next Minneapolis show!

Speaking of Saskatoon. Brother Lane is taking a break from the blogging. May the TypePad lily shine peace and harmony upon you and yours.

Songs That Are Direct Tributes to Other Living Musicians at CHEEK.

I Hate 1984: Foetus in Fridley by Chris Strouth. I'm weirdly titillated to read him wax poetic about my high school stomping grounds, Northtown Mall. Related Fridley weirdness: I once saw Walt Mink play the Fridley VFW Hall. And a killer punkish band called Jonestown - anyone remember them?

Kate Sullivan has the best gig ever - talkin' trash about pop music on NPR!

What the fuck IS this thing? [via migwire]

Minneapolis is full of magic music. Check out Suicide Commandos - Burn It Down and The Suburbs back in the day, before my time. My time was the early 90's. How many times did I see Walt Mink, Arcwelder, the Hang Ups? 3 billion times, and it wasn't enough.

Polara - Ray of Light
I first saw Ed Ackerson play at Let It Be for a local Big Star tribute. This was when the Ryko discs came out. I, of course, came for Walt Mink. Wish I could remember what song they did - I was new to Big Star. Joey played a coffee can. Anyway, I left a Big Star and Ed Ackerson fan. 27 Various led me into the Minneapolis mod pop scene, but Polara - Polara was on fire.

Babes in Toyland - He's My Thing
The first time I broke my glasses was in a Babes in Toyland moshpit on the West Bank. My soul was dirty with love for the Babes. Especially Michelle Leon, the bass player. Kat's scream ripped a hole in my music world. (Oh dear... I think her scream even raped that hole. I'm so sorry but it's true.)

Soul Asylum
Zuzu's Petals
This was my first cool college rocker show. Soul Asylum and Zuzu's Petals (and Arcwelder?) in the Great Hall of Coffman Union. I'm not sure how I knew to wear flannel in 1989 - just felt right. This show permamently damaged my hearing. A-whut?

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Ahhh we make it happen for you in Minneapolis, so beautiful. We are retroactive, now we are in zee future, oh no nostalgic for yesterday's pop! It's like how do you say, an emotional equation. We are zee transcontinental retromotional experience. Breathe in zee Air. Mmm.

Speaking of zee air, I love to pop it from zee bubblewrap. Mmm, soo satisfy!

Oh, what's thees? You want zee hot air? Oh, Bushy-Bushy eh? Ha hah!

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