samadams.gifWhat follows is an excerpt from a site I'm working on for a PBS American Revolution documentary. Without any prodding from me, the executive producer has drawn out the connection between colonial pamphleteers and blogs – this makes Chuck very happy!

This will most definitely be covered in Blogumentary:

Samuel Adams was a passionate supporter of the American cause for independence. The Massachusetts native and older cousin of John Adams vocally opposed Parliament’s tax increases and played a vital role in orchestrating anti-British sentiments among colonists.

Some might consider Adams a surprising leader. Despite his Harvard education, he was a failure as a businessman, shabbily dressed, and reportedly, a poor public speaker [Sounds like a blogger already. –C]. However, his shortcomings were eclipsed by an intense passion for politics. During a time when many Americans colonists wanted to keep their ties to Europe, Adams felt deeply that America should be independent.

His displeasure with Parliament spurred him to start the Committee of Correspondence in Boston. The Committee kept Massachusetts citizens informed of political events via letters and pamphlets. The idea quickly spread to other colonies, and the committees soon played a key role in informing the public and propagating the protest movement, much like Internet blogs keep people informed today.

  • b!x: Portland e-citizen doggedly chronicles local government [via A Complete Waste of Time]

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    Samuel Adams. Always a *good* decision.

    (sorry couldn't help myself)

    But seriously, just like John Kerry, Samuel Adams was once Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts! (yeah, I know, he ended up succeeding Hancock as governor, but I just wanted to make a Kerry comparison)

    Posted by: mark d. at Apr 6, 2004 4:26:18 PM

    old school bloggin rules.

    Posted by: Duncan at Apr 7, 2004 3:21:59 PM

    if i hadn't even read this post, the picture and caption were enough to cause fits of laughter.

    Posted by: starbody at Apr 9, 2004 7:48:13 PM

    He was also a hothead, apparently. During the Boston Massacre incident IIRC he was all for stringing the Brits up vigilante-style. If he had won out on that, its very likely the Moderates of the time would have concluded that American Colonists were all Anarchists and would never have supported us in any way- public opinion would have shifted towards putting the Colonists in their place 'by any means necessary'.

    It was John Adams' successful defense of the Brits that earned the respect and gratitude of the Moderates in both America and Britain. It proved that we *could* be civilised. Nonetheless, Sam unerringly went for the populist and violent approach whenever a more subtle approach was called for.

    You know, Sam *does* sound like a blogger...

    Posted by: urthshu at Apr 10, 2004 1:33:34 PM

    Anybody out there know the name of the blonde girl that appears in the Sam Adams commercial? She's the bartender. She has to be a model, right? Very hot! What's her name???

    Posted by: Craig at Feb 2, 2005 7:34:01 PM