• Lane and Tina are ditching this joint for Canadia. For reals!
  • CHEEK's fave local TV-commercial icons. Mmm Fancy Ray, the fake Prince.
  • Pussy Ranch Jon saw the real Prince at Cheapo.
  • Lorika is posting, like, punk rock and praying mantises and shit.
  • Lorika's bday: May 6. Starfire's bday: May 7. My bday: Junetember eleventy-twelfth. LAND OF 10,000 PROLETARIATS
  • Shaken and Disturbed, true tales of a Mpls Starbucks barista in NYC.
  • Landmark Theater employees a-gonna unionize. Cinema Revolution!
  • More revolutions afoot: Camp Wellstone hits the Twin Cities soon and Al Franken may challenge Norm Coleman's Senate seat
  • Not local, but an essential new force for good: Media Matters for America MINI-GOTHAM FILM + ART ACTION
  • 48 Hour Film Project finally hits the Twin Cities.
  • Melody Gilbert's WHOLE premieres on the Sundance Channel May 10. Melody has taught me well. Party @ fhima's.
  • Art-a-Whirl May 14-16. Possible impromptu art shenanigans in our garage.
  • FOUND: 2004 Senior Design Show. I'm on the advisory board and will be presenting an award May 12. I was astonished at the quality and quantity of good design work tucked away in the Goldstein Museum of Design. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood. ...is anyone else having extreme allergy horked-nose action?
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    Is you Is or Is you Isn't, Gonna Blog.
    If you Isn't
    Check me out!

    Posted by: ZuDfunck at May 4, 2004 6:41:07 AM

    I hate when I do that!

    Posted by: ZuDfunck at May 4, 2004 6:44:22 AM

    Woo-hoo, my persistent clicking paid off!

    The little man and I have both been hit hard by the extreme allergies this season. According to weather.com "the pollen forecast for your area is high". No shite.

    Oh, my b-day is June 25th...the day after the Magnetic Fields show, which I actually have tickets to. Yay!

    Posted by: Sharyn at May 4, 2004 8:15:15 AM

    I have had X-TREEM allergies every single year of my life, and when I say X-TREEM, I am not exaggerating.

    However: this year I actually went to an allergist. I opted for a combination of Zyrtec (which works great, but prepare for three weeks of crushing depression), FloNase (a steroid -- but my muscles seem to be the same size. Damn.) and Zaditor for my eyes. I had literally not one single allergy outbreak all spring. It was absolutely great -- well, apart from the crushing depression, but its more depressing wandering around with bright red watery eyes and sneezing crazily.

    The best thing: I went off all the meds last week, and I haven't had an allergy outbreak since! And normally this is the worst time of the year for me. Weird.

    Posted by: jon at May 4, 2004 9:12:53 AM

    Hmmm, sounds like Jon's on to something (and *on* something). Just a minute ago I was on the phone with my doc's office. Been trying to navigate the byzantine corridors of prior authorization for the Zyrtec (ooh, yay, crushing depression here we come!) but I should also get hooked up with summadat Zaditor. Don't have the FloNase, but I've got Nasonex. Is it just me, or does this all seem a little ludicrous? I think the lot of us should head to San Francisco, where I hear the pollen count is much lower. Sigh.

    Posted by: Sharyn at May 4, 2004 10:16:20 AM

    If we are doing birthdays then mine is May 16th....

    Also, the allergies have hit me hard. I usually don't start until mid-May, and then I am blessed with the watery, drippy spigots until July. However this year the pollen fairy visted in mid-April. Thank you pollen fairy. I hope your wings rot, and you die alone...painfully alone. I find that Zyrtec™ is the only medicine that seems to knock out my symptoms completely. I never knew about the depression thing though. Damn, that would explain a lot. I have Flonase, too, but haven't used it yet. I expect that my nose will be able to lift small farm animals by the time I am done with it.

    Posted by: Tim at May 4, 2004 12:17:51 PM

    Welcome to Allegy Chat!
    I know not of this Zyrtec™. I was just saying to Lorika yesterday that when the allergies strike hard, Claritin doesn't do jack diddly. I've had the nasal steroid spray before, which is a confusing concept. Are there nose muscle magazines? NoseFlex?

    [Is I is or Is I ain't, gonna blog? Somewhere inbetween.]

    Posted by: Chuck at May 4, 2004 1:26:24 PM

    Claritin is a freaking JOKE, and don't even talk to me about the other over the counter meds -- Benadryl = sleeping pills, and Sudafed = crack.

    Actually, Sudafed is kinda fun for that reason -- I always feel like I'm on coke and I wanna talk and work and talk some more and listen to music and wow and run around and holy crap...and then I crash. HARD.

    Yeah, man, call your authorized medical service provider and get yourself some o' that Zyrtec™. Hey -- depression is good for art, anyway, right?

    Posted by: Jon at May 4, 2004 2:52:05 PM

    i ordered nasonex and flonase from abc online
    pharmacy...just pressured the staff that i
    could not afford to see a doctor and they gave it
    w/o a prescription...even zyrtec w/o prescription
    just waiting for it to arrive!

    Posted by: karen at Oct 26, 2005 4:39:27 PM