How embarassing. I didn't know the right-wing Washington Times is owned by super-wacko Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Apparently he also duped politicans back in 2002. Fool me once...

Cult-buster Steven Alan Hassan has more scary factoids:

Moon's stated ambitions include the establishment of a one-world government run as an automatic theocracy by Moon and his leaders. "Bush's faith-based initiative seems to be ideal to help them in their quest for a one world theocratic government," Hassan says, "I am sure President Bush is not aware that Moon has repeatedly said that America (and democracy) is Satanic." Moon's vision of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth includes the absorption of all the world religions into Unificationism as well as the abolishment of all languages except Korean.

I was duped by the Moon cult once. They are masters of deception. I was reading Survival at Auschwitz for a final exam at the University of Minnesota, tired and hungry, when I was approached by two smiling young Korean girls. They said if I filled out a survey I could get a free meal. Hmm... okay! I started taking it, and gradually realized this survey was about spiritual beliefs. In fact, this survey preyed on you if you were at all uncertain of your spiritual beliefs, like many college students probably are. I was mildly annoyed but filled it out and awaited my free meal coupon. The girls said, "Oh... can you give us, a ride?" It was a cold winter night, and they were so innocent and smiley and persuasive. Well, okay. I still thought we were going to get my free meal. But we pulled up in front of U of M housing. The sign said C.A.R.P., "Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle."

It's in there?

Yes, hot meal waiting for you!

So I went inside with them and was welcome by some nice people, and suddenly many more people appeared and we gathered around a table waiting for food from the kitchen. I made idle chit-chat, people were really interested in me. When the food arrived, we all stood up and they held hands and prayed. What the fuck? What have I gotten myself into? Okay... so I had a nice hot meal. Then some coffee, and intellectual conversation about communism and all sorts of things.

Then, it was time for "The Lecture."

Understand they make it very difficult for you to leave, especially a polite Minnesota boy like me. Adjacent to the dining room was a little chapel. I sat down with a few other college-aged people, and this guy I'd been talking to gives a lecture about Adam and Eve and the Devil. I kind of enjoyed it, because I'd largely forgotten what I'd learned in the Bible as a youngster, and it wasn't preachy - it really was a lecture.

After The Lecture, I tried to make my exit. A free meal, a weird night - more than I bargained for certainly, but an interesting experience and I never wanted to return. But they insisted on knowing when I'd be back next, and my phone number and everything. Not only that, but they strongly encouraged me to attend their CAMP. Then, rather than these little lectures, you get it all at once in one long weekend. Here's the pamphlet! See the happy people in the country at Fun Bible Camp. People from many countries are involved. You really need to go to this camp. I couldn't really leave without agreeing to seriously consider camp, and tell them when they could next expect to see me.

When I got home, I was all confused. I felt ready for some spiritual exploration, and I guess they were offering me that but... something just didn't feel right. I realized I don't like being pushed into anything. Anyone that pressures me too hard in one direction, I'm likely to jerk in the opposite direction in protest. it's my self-preservation instinct, and maybe a little Irish blood.

I did a little research and was shocked to discover C.A.R.P. = moonies. My God, I almost joined a cult!

I wouldn't join any cult that would have me as a member. Unless it involved eating babies.

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John Gorenfeld's blog is Moonie-tracking central. It's his long-time hard online work on this weirdo Messiah coronation ceremony in DC that's finally broken through to the mainstream this week. Gorenfeld's on

My favorite Moonie factoid is that he has received posthumous endorsements from major world leaders, and every dead former U.S. President.

Posted by: Chuck T. at Jun 24, 2004 11:15:31 AM

Also, the current coronation event that's in the news wasn't back in 2002. It was in March 2004. It even made The Daily Show last night.

Posted by: Chuck T. at Jun 24, 2004 11:28:26 AM

Wow, that's pretty amazing. Thanks for the infos.

I actually meant to say he *also* duped politicians in 2002, although I'm not sure that event actually happened.

Posted by: Chuck at Jun 24, 2004 1:53:46 PM

I never knew that either - thanks for the info!


Posted by: Will Kirby at Jun 24, 2004 4:25:38 PM

How scary! That's freakier than the time I drove down my street and I saw 10 Jehovah's Witness men with their suits and briefcases going door to door.

Posted by: Stacy at Jun 24, 2004 5:21:22 PM

That's why it is often referred to as "The Moonie Times."

It's as scary a newspaper as you can get. And that's saying a lot given what is out there.

Posted by: lane at Jun 24, 2004 8:50:31 PM

Yeah, that's some scary shit. When I was 15, some friends and I were downtown(and very naive, mind you), and the Scientologists got us. Asked us to take this personality test and offered us some free shit. The test was harmless enough, but when they gave us each back our personalized results, they basically told us we were all a psychological mess, fucked up and depressed, on a path towards emotional destruction, etc.

It was then that I noticed all the L. Ron Hubbard books around the place. Didn't know much about him at the time, other than the fact that Scietology was not my scene, so we got the fuck out.

Very easy, though, to see how people are sucked in. They were all so nice and seemed genuinely to care about all of us.

Posted by: JasonC at Jun 24, 2004 9:17:41 PM

For my English 102 research paper a few years back, my instructor OK'd the subject matter of cult leaders, and when I wrote the paper, I covered Moon and Moonies, amongst other wackos out there.

Posted by: Swami Prem at Jun 27, 2004 5:53:44 PM

yo...you can all burn in hell...the rev. IS the MESSIAH!!!! You just don't know

Posted by: issei miyoshi at Jul 4, 2004 10:00:00 PM