As the clock struck twelve bells and my internal clock struck 33 years, imagine me suddenly bouncing in slow-motion: a synchronized secret celebration, orchestrated by Askeleton. Performed by a thousand tiny violins inside my chest, playing at a frequency only I can hear. Reverberating back through time, to June 4, 1971. Is that my mother in the hospital, giving birth to me? Somewhere there's a picture of my dad holding my tiny newborn body. My Mom goes to the window and waves out the window to my brothers outside. They weren't allowed in the room, back then. I'm so big the nurses say "Here comes the hunk!" But my brothers, when they see me, start calling me Charlie. That worked pretty good until I was 13, and decided it was time people start calling me "Chuck." But my family and a certain thread of friends still call me Charlie, a thread that leads to Lorika. A thread that leads to June 4, 2004. A thread that splinters in every direction just beyond the razor blade that is this moment.

Askeleton, "The Future" MPEG, 20 MB
Askeleton, "Queenie" MPEG, 23 MB
Askeleton, "Ghosts" MPEG, 18 MB
MP3: Askeleton, "My Imaginary Friends"










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Happy Birthday, Chuck! Yay!

Posted by: spacewaitress at Jun 4, 2004 8:19:18 AM

Extra sugar, extra salt
Extra oil and msg
Extra sugar, extra salt
Extra oil and msg

Shut up and eat!
Too bad, no bon appetit!
Shut up and eat!
You know my love is sweet!

Happy Birthday Chuck :-)

Posted by: Sharyn at Jun 4, 2004 8:27:06 AM

You know, it's funny. When we first got to know you---at our groomsdinner party, we felt like we knew you FOREVER. It was weird. As you mingled with my wacko family, and Brian's normal family--you did it with such ease and familiarity. I remember B and I thought how cool you were to just "fit right in" so well.
We are so happy to know you (and Lori)!
Happy Birthday Chappy!
Rena (and Brian)

Posted by: Rena at Jun 4, 2004 8:36:06 AM

Thanks you guys!
Now I feel silly having posted such a strange wistful entry. I'll have to counteract it by posting my brother singing "happy birthday" on my voicemail.

Posted by: Chuck at Jun 4, 2004 12:35:11 PM

Wow! What an eloquent post honey. I guess you were a bit contemplative after I went to bed last night. I'm sorry I couldn't have stayed up with you.
Happy Birthday Baby!

Posted by: Lorika at Jun 4, 2004 1:26:45 PM

Well you know, birthday + booze = too much navel-gazing!

Incidentally, I started out intending to just post about Askeleton, who put on a great show. Knol is going to let me use "The Future" in Blogumentary too - woohoo!

Posted by: Chuck at Jun 4, 2004 5:42:13 PM

Happy Chuckniversary!!!

Posted by: paul at Mar 25, 2005 8:42:04 PM

Time is coming unstuck. Hold on!!!

Posted by: Crystal at Mar 26, 2005 1:00:02 PM

I'm so confused.

Posted by: Chuck at Mar 26, 2005 2:20:49 PM


It's kind of a bad thing to say that time is coming unstuck anyway.

We need clock-time; otherwise how would we know when to meet each other?

My apologies!

Posted by: Crystal at Mar 26, 2005 4:11:48 PM