The Wall Street Journal profiles DNC bloggers, including Blogumentary star Mathew Gross.

I sent a few feelers out looking for Blogumentary "eyes and ears" at the convention. Jay Rosen will be doing a bit of audioblogging. Even better, Blogging of the President's Matt Stoller and Westin Kriebel have camera and will blog. I'm hoping Matt will file a video report from the convention, explaining why he's there and why this is important revolutionary. "The revolution will be videoblogged." Heh.

Howard Dean had some smart things to say at the Blogger Breakfast: "Mainstream media are the last people to figure out whats really going on in America, because they spend so much time in Washington."

MSNBC has signed up the likes of Joe Trippi and Ron "Boogiemonster" Reagan for Hardblogger. How can they possibly compete with Wonkette?

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    15,000 journalists and 5,000 delegates? Whew. I'm excited that bloggers are there on "Blogger Blvd." but what will we learn? Mathew Gross has a good point about convention bloggers: they'll provide better coverage of the early part of the convention, the speeches you won't see on TV. And of course, we'll get what bloggers give best - opinion and attitude. Check out Reason for a few more highlights.

    Having tread this ground before — I was the only credentialed blogger at the Minnesota state DFL convention — I can attest that these affairs can be... boring. Decisions are actually made at state conventions, which might be one reason why it's not very exciting. Real democracy is messy, slow, and sometimes unpredictable. I think the most important thing Lori and I learned was that it's confusing for a newbie, and there needs to be a "Delegate for Dummies" or something along those lines to encourage greater participation.

    I'd argue it's more important to have bloggers at state conventions and other local political events. I know I've never seen Sen. Mark Dayton so fiery in all my life, and Sen. John Edwards made more scathing remarks about Bush than I've heard him say on television. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak lashed out at Gov. Pawlenty and called for an end to the bus strike. I posted numerous video clips from the local conventions, stuff you're not going to find anyplace else. Local is where it's at, especially for bloggers. Bloggers can fill in the, err, lacunae.

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