Joe Trippi discusses his new book TONIGHT at Ruminator Books in St. Paul, 7:30 PM

I started reading The Revolution Will Not Be Televised at the beach; a perfectly bright, warm Minnesota summer day. Lorika was reading House of Bush, House of Saud getting pissed off while I was drinking the Kool-Aid and getting inspired. We make a good team.

I realized my life parallels Trippi's in many ways. Politics and technology have been powerful threads throughout my life. My earliest television memory is of Jimmy Carter walking down Pennsylvania Avenue. Mini-me in a shag carpet living room, old enough to push the button and see all the happy people. Politics was subliminal background noise except for the biggies - Reagan getting shot, Iran/Contra. The shit hit the fan in 1991, when I feared being drafted for the first Iraq War. Last weekend, in my mom's basement, I found the cheap black vinyl jacket I used to wear in those days, with a red peace symbol and faded blue stripe. Totally badass... in a college freshman sort of way.

I also unearthed my first computer at my mom's - the Atari 400. I was born a G33k - highlights here. It is my heritage. From taking apart my DataMan, to the Atari to the Vic-20 and C-64, the first Mac, BBSs, Email, Gopher, and the Web. Fascination with technology - and all it's possibilities and promises - is part of who I am.

It wasn't until BLOGS came along that I really had the opportunity, ne burning desire, to meld my two passions. And we all know... blogs lead to the overthrow of everything!

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