Hey look, Bush looks stupid eating corn! Just like Kerry looks stupid holding corn! Eating makes people look stupid! Hahahaha!

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Hey, what da hell kinda harmonica is this?

Posted by: Chuck at Aug 4, 2004 6:24:11 PM

As an independent, free thinker, I refuse to vote for any candidate who eats food. See? Bush and Kerry are the same.

Posted by: tate at Aug 5, 2004 12:13:00 AM

[My crossposted comment from Redsugar Muse]

In case the point gets lost: It's silly (in the sense of "fun") to make fun of the other guy looking dumb. It's even sillier (in the sense of "stupid") to get worked about people who make candidates look dumb. You know, there's Kerry looking dumb with corn. Okay, here's Bush looking dumb with corn. Woo-hoo! Okay, now what?

And this happens regardless of what kind of rupublicrat you are. I reject gross overgeneralizations and oversimplifications.

Posted by: Chuck at Aug 5, 2004 2:45:44 AM

"Gosh, I hope this goes down easier than pretzels!"

Posted by: Tim at Aug 5, 2004 7:52:31 AM

It kinda looks like he's being punished..."EAT YOUR CORN, DAMMIT, BOY!" "Yes, paw."

Or perhaps it is a look of consternation -- Cheney warned him not to eat any food that hadn't been tasted by one of his handlers.

Maybe he wanted it to look meaningful: "Ah'm really gonna eat this corn lahk the freedom of this nation depends on it."

Or maybe he was just facing the sun and squinting.

Posted by: Mr. Pants at Aug 5, 2004 10:13:12 AM

Plus, it looks like raw corn.
Uh, Mr. President, that's supposed to be cooked first.
No, dammit, I'm gonna eat this corn for freedom. Corn tastes like freedom!

Posted by: Lorika at Aug 5, 2004 11:46:17 AM

As an uptight, Christian homophobe, I for one am outraged at this blatantly phallic photograph. Absolutely disgusting... Where's the eye wash around here?

Posted by: JasonC at Aug 5, 2004 5:54:38 PM

hey i photoshoped the pic from
all the way to this

bush is thinking boy this is a nice firm dildo, hunny i like this one

Posted by: Trev at Aug 1, 2006 4:01:48 PM

hey so u dont have to load the url here is the pic

Posted by: Trev at Aug 1, 2006 4:03:46 PM


Nice work there. Always enjoy that sort of thing.

Posted by: chuck at Aug 1, 2006 11:07:48 PM