In today's installment of "Misunderstood 20th Century Artist-Weirdos," check out Rivers Cuomo's essay on "What I've Been Up To Since I Left School." Man, I had no idea what extremes he was going through. I sure like him singing The Star Spangled Banner. [via that ring of confidence]


At one point Rivers Cuomo volunteered preparing meals for people with HIV. For some reason that reminds me that today I talked to some old folks at a retirement home about the web and blogs. I did it for work and wasn't looking forward to it, but it was really a terrific experience. They were such a curious, smart bunch. I wish I could have taken them all into a computer lab and got them started on blogs and this whole new world. It was very fulfilling to feel like I'm doing something good for other people.

On the way out, an old woman went up to the door then stopped. I opened the door for her and we talked about how warm it was, and how nice that is. Then she thanked me for helping her with the door. You know, like I would ever refuse to help an old lady open a door: "Outta my way bitch! *snap* you been served!"

Still, I walked away feeling like a hundred bucks. Maybe more.


Lori stares into the fire, unnecessarily stylized. Does it stare back? Lori talks about a creature in our backyard, which I think would make a splendid tea house name: The Tentative Cricket.


Dancing fire, Franz Marc camera trick.

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Self-indulgent bullshit... my take anyway. Spoiled rock star. I'm almost inclined to open up a myspace account, just so I can tell him what an ass he is... but how 14 years old would that be?

I'm not sure which is more annoying... ego-driven rock stars like Mr. Cuomo, or their sycophant fans ("ooh! you're such a great writer, Rivers... i bet we'd make great friends, Rivers... oh, i love your name, Rivers...")...

Sorry... I need to compose myself.

Posted by: JasonC at Aug 6, 2004 9:56:22 PM