Blogumentary presents a profile of BBC journalist, blogger, and Amputee of the Millennium (I just made that up) Stuart Hughes. Stuart began blogging when he was dispatched to northern Iraq in early 2003. His life, and his blog, spiraled through tragedy and transformation in the weeks and months that followed.

This is my second crack at telling his story - made much easier by the video interview he shot of himself and wealth of BBC News Iraq video he graciously provided me. He must have really good vision, because he's looking at me off-camera but I'm in fact thousands of miles away, nodding meaningfully.

Again, your feedback is greatly appreciated. I should note my VO here is leftover from v1.0 ("the 2003 Iraq War" - ahh, if only it ended in 2003!) This piece might be a little long (almost 7 minutes) but I felt every detail of Stuart's story was compelling. I'm working toward a 60 - 70 minute documentary, so naturally I'll start long and tighten it up later.

Stuart Hughes profile [Quicktime, 24 MB]

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Your clips are terrific.
You're a great writer. The narration flows at a comfortable pace with the imgages coming in at the right moments. I'm finding with my own doc that, like a song, when you fall into the right tempo, with everything clicking into place, you lose yourself in the story, and assuming the story is good, as yours is, then you've succeeded.

When is the TPT premiere!

Posted by: brian at Sep 30, 2004 12:23:51 AM

why oh why oh why do you give the PowerLine guys the time of day? I just LOVE people who criticize something, like a cd or a movie or a book, without ever hearing or seeing it. How hard would it be for Mr. PowerLine to take two hours out of his very busy existence to see the freakin' movie before commenting on it? Not too hard, but then that's not the Republican way. The Republican way is to denounce all who disagree with you without any firsthand knowledge of what you are talking about. Facts are optional. Long live President Bush. Just make shit up and sound authoritative. They are good at that.

But i love you anyway. Those guys just make me ill. Her son died for the most important reason there is...what a load of utter crap. How fucking condescending. If it's so important why aren't they in Iraq? I hear they are still looking for a few good men.

Posted by: lane at Sep 30, 2004 1:05:21 AM

Brian, hombre, you are too generous. I've actually tightened this piece up in several spots and I'm a lot happier with it now. Funny what shaving the right 10 or 20 seconds can do. But I'm lucky with this piece - Stuart's story almost tells itself. I'm even more happy with the Blog History thing... yeah, that one really did find a rhythm like you're saying. I'm finding that only now, after living with this project so long, has it soaked in enough that I can let start flowing.

Lane, I love you. Watching my footage of them, my jaw drops over and over again. I don't even have to say anything, just let them speak for themselves and the jaws will drop. But, (a) they represent the right-wing blogosphere in my film, which is important, and (b) they've of course become part of blog history with the Dan Rather story.

Posted by: Chuck at Sep 30, 2004 1:41:25 AM