Two years in the making.
One-hundred-seventy billion dollars.
Ninety-six thousand interviews.
Four bajillion hours of footage.
One man.
Thirteen Girls.
No sleep.
And a three-legged dog with sunglasses.

The revolution that spawned a film that birthed a thousand films, each of them a minor skirmish, which in turn inspired a number of puppety shenanigans.

Now, more than ever: BLOGUMENTARY

Friday, November 5, 2004
Oak Street Cinema. Minneapolis. Minnesota. Milky Way.
CITY PAGES GET REAL Documentary Film Festival

PLUS: Special goodies from our friends at TypePad and Blogger.

I'd very much appreciate anything you can donate to the Blogumentary debt-relief fund.

ME: You've freed up your evening, made travel plans, secured a limozeen I trust?
YOU: Of course. You've finished the film, haven't you darling?
ME: I say, is that young scallywag making off with your Bentley?
YOU: What's the devil? I- say, there's no one there. My good man...
YOU: Blast! He's Gone!

Seriously though. My deep heartfelt thanks to all of you who've supported me, inspired me, linked me, kissed me, and been interviewed by me. To those I wanted to interview but haven't: I suck, you rule, and my camera may yet still find you.

Viva the citizen media revolution!

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Hey, man. This is great. This is cool. Where do I buy my DVD? HURRY!

Posted by: Butler at Oct 21, 2004 9:05:27 AM