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My media appearances? Buh? Well here's what I know so far:

10am - 10:30am
Appearing on the teevee with Rob Nelson (Rob Nelson) and Emily Goldberg (Venus of Mars), maybe eating some eggs and talking documentary.

SUNDAY OCT. 31 on 90.3 KFAI
With activist/poet/journalist Lydia Howell.

5:45am (!?!?!?)
Uhh. We're thinking they might find something more important to talk about the morning after the election. If not, apparently Rob Nelson and I will be chatting in the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater seats about blogs and things.

Then there's Rex's City Pages Q&A next week. Possible rumor of something at MPR but haven't heard more on that one. Oh, also I have to FINISH THE FILM. And, get a haircut. Manny/peddy, nip and tuck, buff and shine - all that.

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WHEREIN Odin Soli reveals the complex web of meaning behind Plain Layne's esoteric Polish error message "Goodbye" page. And - a humourous aside about Layne's "Peeps" page. [It wasn't for us... it was for Odin!]

Odin Explains Plain Layne's Polish Error Message [Quicktime, 8 MB]

P.S. Happy Halloween Birthday Odin. If that's your real name.

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Man, I feel so up-to-date now. Check out this all the iFilm viral video action. You got Ann Coulter running from al-Pieda, Triumph in "Poop Valhalla" (aka post-debate spin alley), Ashlee Simpson's lip-synch mishap on SNL, and what's this? William Shatner doing "Rocketman" circa 1978? Oh this can't be good for me.

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Skip the middleman! 12 Rods released 6 CDs of previously unreleased material plus a recording of their last live show at First Avenue. Spooge. Also, I'm all glowing because they used my photo.

(consider these discs on my Xmas list.)

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Awhile back my MPR pal Nikki recorded me talking about my favorite summer music. It was broadcast locally during the Weekend America program (I swear it used to have a different name...) Anyway, I blabbered on about Of Montreal's delicious Satanic Panic in the Attic. I present to you: My blabbering in the MP3 format.

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"This movie fucks you til you bleed then flips you over and kisses you so deep!"

Indie film publicist Mickey Cottrell, praising Tarnation in LA Weekly. [via The Hot Blog]

I can't wait to see it at Get Real on closing night. Jonathan Caouette will be there!

More likely pullquotes for Blogumentary:

"This movie staples your eyes open and rapes your baby. Just kidding, it doesn't actually do that."

"Like a vat of burning oil poured over my groinular area."

"Is it over yet? Awesooooooooome!"

"A film about people. People with computers. Talking. This is that film."

"I'd like to squash this 'personal media revolution' with a 'boot to Chuck Olsen's face.'"

"Put a thousand monkeys in a room with computers, and the room will smell like shitty bananas."

"If you see one film this year about shitty computer monkeys raping babies, well, that film would be better than Blogumentary."

"I'm sorry... this is a joke, right? Right?"

"President Bush's favorite film of all time. President Bush loves poopy banana monkeys."

"Sweet innocent girls everywhere - this movie has a dancing pink unicorn!"*

*Movie actually contains dancing pink unicorn

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Welcome to the glamorous world of independent filmmaking! 7 pages of voiceover, accounting for 162 audio files. I have to find the good bits and replace my nasally 3am living room VO with the new pristine nasally VO. Oh, and I'm not done writing yet. Later this week I'll record some more VO, then Mitch (one of the audio borgs from the Planet of Mitches) will apply some fancy ProTools voodoo so the vibration of my voice makes you crap your pants. And all my other audio will sound distorted and wimpy in comparison, until I can get a Mitch to fancy that business up, too.

Oh! Good news for anyone who's tried to call me in recent times. I'm back in business, same number, sporting the "vloggers delight" – a Nokia 3660.

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Today. Has. Been. Insane.

I missed the Kerry rally, but in exchange I now have a sweeeeet-ass voiceover. My voice is thin and nasally, but absolutely pristine. Indie filmmakers everywhere - make friends now with an awesome audio guy. And make sure his name is "Mitch."

I've also been deluged with a dizzying array of distribution advice and possibilities. Open-source festival, VOD LA preview consideration? One-time streaming with chat backchannel. It's like I've been launched into a world of Schizopolis-speak. And to that I say, "Generic greeting returned!"

Off to burn a DVD for the good people of public radio. Every DVD I burn is painful, because I'm always on the verge of a new-improved version. There is the structural improvements! There is the astonishing new clear talking! But sadly no, you get yesterday's pancake.

Weary and happy.

  • Just launched: Videoblogging.info
    Jay Dedman and the gang are doing great things.

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    Two years in the making.
    One-hundred-seventy billion dollars.
    Ninety-six thousand interviews.
    Four bajillion hours of footage.
    One man.
    Thirteen Girls.
    No sleep.
    And a three-legged dog with sunglasses.

    The revolution that spawned a film that birthed a thousand films, each of them a minor skirmish, which in turn inspired a number of puppety shenanigans.

    Now, more than ever: BLOGUMENTARY

    Friday, November 5, 2004
    Oak Street Cinema. Minneapolis. Minnesota. Milky Way.
    CITY PAGES GET REAL Documentary Film Festival

    PLUS: Special goodies from our friends at TypePad and Blogger.

    I'd very much appreciate anything you can donate to the Blogumentary debt-relief fund.

    ME: You've freed up your evening, made travel plans, secured a limozeen I trust?
    YOU: Of course. You've finished the film, haven't you darling?
    ME: I say, is that young scallywag making off with your Bentley?
    YOU: What's the devil? I- say, there's no one there. My good man...
    YOU: Blast! He's Gone!

    Seriously though. My deep heartfelt thanks to all of you who've supported me, inspired me, linked me, kissed me, and been interviewed by me. To those I wanted to interview but haven't: I suck, you rule, and my camera may yet still find you.

    Viva the citizen media revolution!

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