"This movie fucks you til you bleed then flips you over and kisses you so deep!"

Indie film publicist Mickey Cottrell, praising Tarnation in LA Weekly. [via The Hot Blog]

I can't wait to see it at Get Real on closing night. Jonathan Caouette will be there!

More likely pullquotes for Blogumentary:

"This movie staples your eyes open and rapes your baby. Just kidding, it doesn't actually do that."

"Like a vat of burning oil poured over my groinular area."

"Is it over yet? Awesooooooooome!"

"A film about people. People with computers. Talking. This is that film."

"I'd like to squash this 'personal media revolution' with a 'boot to Chuck Olsen's face.'"

"Put a thousand monkeys in a room with computers, and the room will smell like shitty bananas."

"If you see one film this year about shitty computer monkeys raping babies, well, that film would be better than Blogumentary."

"I'm sorry... this is a joke, right? Right?"

"President Bush's favorite film of all time. President Bush loves poopy banana monkeys."

"Sweet innocent girls everywhere - this movie has a dancing pink unicorn!"*

*Movie actually contains dancing pink unicorn

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What's a blog?

Posted by: JasonC at Oct 25, 2004 6:37:45 AM

Intriguing. Looks like Jonathan Caouette loves Low too:

"Low is an astonishing band from Duluth with Alan Sparhawk, Zak Sally and the chillingly restrained vocalist/musician Mimi Parker. The magic of Low is not just the melodies they play but how they convey the silences in between the notes. I've included three of my favorite Low songs in Tarnation because their music’s aura can express depths of sorrow and strength unlike anybody else. They have a luminously melancholy Christmas album too!"

And hey, bring on the dancing unicorns Chuck. I can't wait.

Posted by: Sharyn at Oct 25, 2004 8:25:14 AM